Short…& (sometimes)Funny Short Stories

I have sold more than sixty short stories. I sold my first one, “Sherman’s Law,” in 1994. I turned it from a book into a short story because when people read the book chapters, they didn’t see enough conflict between the hero and heroine.  It was about a judge who was receiving gifts from a paralegal, which turned out to be from his mother and the paralegal’s dad. The mom and dad were trying to fix up their children. Later I was able to add Judge Sherman and his wife as minor characters in my e-books, “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.”

The Opposite

“Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” started as two short stories. I wrote the sequel when people wanted to know more about Reese and Jay. After these got rejected, I made them into a book. Book sales aren’t doing too well, but I’m not here to w(h)ine. “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless” was a novella that got a “tasteless” rejection and became a book as well. Same thing with sales. “Tempting Jonah,” my first and only print book, also started as a novella. I wrote a sequel short story to “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” about what happens after the hero and heroine get married and have sent rewrites in and am waiting to hear whether or not it was accepted.



For awhile, I set my stories in Cincinnati, Ohio, where I live. “Sherman’s Law,” and the second story I sold, “Fine Things,” were set in Cincinnati. A lot were set in the fictional town of Mensocket, Maine (now Morganville, Maine) because that’s where my first book was set.

Root, Root Root for the Home Team

People like it when I incorporate the hometown sports teams, etc., in my short stories. In my books, “they” said I had to make up take teams because of copyright issues.

Book of short stories

I’ve been thinking of making a book of short stories (new ones). I think that might sell better than my two e-books.

What about you? Have you turned books into short stories, and vice versa? What are some of your favorite short stories? Do you include things about the town where your stories are set?

Nancy Goldberg Levine is the author of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” You can find her latest short story, “Let Me Be the One,” the prequel to “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” at this website

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