My Favorite Things

In the tradition of “Oprah’s Favorite Things,” and continuing on from the guest blogs I did last week (thanks to Delaney Diamond and Zee Monodee for having me on their blogs), I give you a few of my favorite things. I tried not to repeat the same things that were on the blog:


My favorite:


Cab driver—Greg M.

Sport: Baseball

Team: Cincinnati Red Wolves (fake) Cincinnati Reds (Real, even though they lost Tuesday night’s game)

Player: Jackie Fenelli (fake) Shin Soo Choo (real)

Expressions: “Greg says…”, “Oh my God!”

Book(s): You didn’t think I could pick just one, did you? (and this is the short list) “Rhett Butler’s People,” “Certain Girls”/”The Next Best Thing” by Jennifer Weiner

Movie(s): “Gone with the Wind”, “Singin’ in the Rain”

Beauty Product: Italian Beauty from HSN—I like Bath & Body Works, but it is not the same

Song: “Tasteless” by Jay & the Cincinnatians (fake) “There’s no Business like Show Business” (real)

Holiday song: “The Miracle of Chanukah” by Jay & the Cincinnatians (fake) “White Christmas” (real)

TV cartoon: “The Flintstones”

Comic strip: “Garfield”

Breakfast: Egg biscuit and wild berry smoothie from McDonald’s (and eating it in the cab with my parents and Greg)


Nancy Goldberg Levine is the author of “Three Strikes—You’re in Love,” a short story anthology, “Sweeter Than W(h)ine,” “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” These books are available on Amazon. You can find Nancy on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on this blog, “Laugh with Me,”



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. What a fun lists of favorites. I remember that you have a favorite cab driver. I don’t know why that makes me giggle, but it does. 🙂 We have some things in common. Love of baseball, and I LOVE Singin’ in the Rain. White Christmas – music and movie and right up there at the top. I fell in love with the movie when I was a teenager. Flintstones were my favorite cartoon as a kid. Fun stuff!

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