Sneak Peek for this week

Evidently, I was too late for this week’s Sneak Peek Sunday, so I’m posting it here. I just finished writing this scene from my upcoming holiday novella, “Tasteless Holidays.” In this scene, the holidays are over and Scotty has just taken a temp job working for the government. His new bride, Lorrie, is jealous because he’s working with an old girlfriend. Lorrie’s also expecting their first child…

Scotty sat at his desk, or rather, “Tingle” table, as desk with all kinds of cubbyholes and sections named after a guy named Tingle. He could sort documents and place them in the cubbyholes. As he sat there, date-stamping document, he heard the cacophony of the other stampers. A woman in the back of the room spoke in a loud (very loud) voice. He’d been on the temp job at the IRS for about three weeks now. He’d also worked overtime just to make sure he had enough money for when the baby came.

            Ramona sat at the desk next to his, a bundle of nervous energy. He could barely keep up with her rapid-fire date-stamping. He noticed that when she leaned down to retrieve documents from a bucket, some fell out. He didn’t know how she could work at the IRS during the day, and then work at the restaurant at night and on weekends. He did know that if that’s what he had to do to support Lorrie and the baby, he’d do it.

            Although he wasn’t working as a paralegal right now, he felt more secure and confident.

            “Scott?” Ramona asked, in her breathless, always-in-a-hurry voice. 


            “Want to have lunch with me? I brought leftovers from the restaurant, and there’s no way I can eat all of it myself.”

            Lorrie wouldn’t like it if they had lunch together, but Scotty didn’t want anybody to say he was henpecked. Besides, poor Ramona had all that food left over.


I went over the six paragraph limit, but I figure it’s okay since I didn’t get my name in on time to be on the Sneak Peek Sunday site. Maybe next week, I’ll remember sooner.

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