Sneak Peek Sunday — “Knowing Naomi”

My computer and my kitty were being bad this morning, but I’m finally able to post a sneak peek at my WIP, “Knowing Naomi,” which is the long (and I do mean long) awaited sequel to “Tempting Jonah.” It’s a New Adult sweet contemporary romance. Seth Morgan once worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, but after losing his job due to the economy, he’s back in his hometown of Morganville, Maine, living in his parents’ house, and running the town thrift store. Naomi Schwartz is back in town to run the satellite office of her family’s detective agency, and to find her birth mother. There are issues between Seth and Naomi…

Hope you like this!

Naomi Schwartz wasn’t used to delays. She hated waiting at the security checkpoint at the Bangor Airport because the knee replacement she’d had had set off the alarms. She’d tried to show them the card they’d given her at the hospital, but the TSA agents had made her stand there, until they called her doctor to check with him.
Naomi had never liked waiting, and patience wasn’t a virtue with her. She hadn’t wanted to come back to her hometown of Morganville, Maine. She preferred to stay and work with her parents at the Schwartz Detective Agency in Washington, D.C. They were the ones who’d insisted that she come back to Morganville to run the small office in Maine that her great-great-great-great grandpa Hank had opened during the Civil War. She was sure his daughter, Danielle, wouldn’t have had to go through such nonsense.
If only the drug dealer she’d discovered in D.C. hadn’t shot her in the knee. If only she hadn’t had to go through months of physical therapy and re-hab. There were too many “if onlys” to suit her.
“No!” Naomi groaned, staring at two men, about her age, twenty-six. Seth Morgan and Andy Berman were hurrying past the check-point. She had been good friends with Seth when she and her parents had lived in Morganville. At least, she thought they were friends until… she didn’t want to think about it; didn’t ever want to see him again.
It had been easy to do that in Washington, but in Morganville, she’d never be able to hide from him.
“You’re free to go, ma’am,” the TSA agent said. Naomi silently thanked God and walked confidently away. She was in such a rush to get away from Seth and Andy and call a taxi that she didn’t look where she was going. She collided with five foot ten inches of rock-hard, solid, slender chest and legs. She found herself face to face with Seth Morgan.


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