Put them all together, they spell mother

M is for Marian Goldberg, my mother, age 88, who should be celebrated every day, not just Mother’s Day—it’s also for the great memories that she gave me.
Some of the things I’m remembering as I write this—her exercising with our two cats, Boo Boo and Sugar, when an exercise program came on TV before I went to school in the morning and her typing my school reports.

O is for outstanding, which she is.

T is for terrific, which she is. She’s funny and beautiful and I love her so much. If I ever figure out how to put photos in my blog, you’ll see what I mean. Maybe by Father’s Day.

H is for humor. My mom has a great sense of humor. She always has a ready smile, and jokes with me, my friends, and my late husband. One of the things I remember is when I had to put out a newspaper that was printed during the time of Robin Hood, and my mom typed it for me and on the last page typed: “This newspaper was written by Nancy Goldberg and typed by Maid Marian Goldberg.” I love all of the funny comments I found in her photo albums from the 1940s. There is a picture of her sitting between my dad and his friend and she wrote “A rose between two thorns.” Then there’s the picture of my dad standing next to a statue of Lincoln and she wrote “Which one is Lincoln?” and another one of him standing on a cliff that reads “Heathcliff Goldberg.” Can you see where I got my sense of humor?

E is for encouragement. She’s been encouraging me and my writing since I was seven years old. I remember when she and my dad went to the open house for parents at my school, and got a folder of my class assignments, as well as an extra one with stories I’d written in it. And I remember her going to book signings and writers’ conferences when my first book, “Tempting Jonah” was released.
R is for romance – she and my dad have been married since January 2, 1949—63 years. I don’t think any of the couples in the books I write can top that. Maybe Jimmy and Ellie Morgan, but I doubt it.

Put them all together, they spell Mother. Mom, I love you more every day.

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