Sneak Peek Sunday

Here is the next Sneak Peek at my WIP, a New Adult sweet contemporary romance…Naomi has just bumped into Seth when she’s coming back to her old hometown to run the satellite office of her parents’ detective agency. She also wants to do some detective work for herself…

“Naomi?” Andy Berman, Seth’s lanky, brown-haired best friend, asked. Andy had let his hair grow. It was almost shoulder-length, and he had a goatee. Somehow, the long hair and goatee suited him, especially since he also played the guitar in Seth’s band.
She shrugged. “Yes. It’s me.” She knew she’d lost weight. She didn’t know what her parents would think about her dyeing her black hair blonde. She wondered what Andy and Seth felt about the girl they’d once made fun of. Well, she wasn’t a chubby sixth grade girl who had a pet turtle anymore. She was a woman with plans. Not only was she here to run the satellite office of the Schwartz Detective Agency, she wanted to do some investigating of her own.
“Naomi,” Seth said, his deep voice like a hot cup of coffee on an ice cold Maine afternoon. “What are you doing back in Morganville?”
Oh, yeah, Naomi thought. They’d changed the name of the town from Mensocket to Morganville, in honor of the founding of the place. “My parents insisted that I come back for some R and R.”
“Can we drop you off somewhere?” Andy asked, smiling that charming smile of his.
“I was going to take a cab.”
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One thought on “Sneak Peek Sunday

  1. This sounds like an interesting beginning of a relationship that will evolve as the story goes on. Naomi sounds like she is ‘wary’ of being back to Mensocket/Morganville and will be careful of giving her own information out to people she will run into until she is comfortable being back. I’m curious how this will play out, who else will come into her life, and will she be successful in opening the Detective office, getting some business that ‘she’ will be the point person to do the investigating.

    I look forward to more.
    (note: She would ‘bleach’ her hair blond.)

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