Sneak peek Sunday

Here is the sneak peek of my new WIP, Actually, it’s a new/old WIP. I started writing this a few years ago and lost the files when my computer crashed. I was about to give up, but author Holly Jacobs suggested I try again, and I started getting ideas so thanks, Holly.

Would love some feedback on this so the first person to make a meaningful comment gets a $5 Amazon gift card–thanks in advance for your help!

I couldn’t help it. I leaned back in one of the comfortable chairs in the Red Wolves Den Winner’s Club banquet hall. My shoulders ached, my knees ached, and I tried to figure out how my grandmother had run her own catering business after my grandfather’s death. She’d had really bad arthritis. The Cincinnati Red Wolves baseball game had gone into extra innings. By the time my catering team and I had finished up, it was close to 3 a.m.
I’d sent my best friend and partner, Meredith Fine, home an hour ago. I relaxed, gazing out at the lovely view of the Ohio River. Moonlight flickered on the water. I’d worked so hard to set up this business with Meredith, whose own catering business had suffered because of the economy. We’d joined forces and come up with a combination of our names for the business, and Franci’s Fine Catering was born.
My mom always referred to what I did as my “little catering business,” but it was so much more than that. I’d worked as a secretary in the Red Wolves’ front office, and one day management had hired a catering service for a huge business meeting. The caterer had cancelled at the last minute, and the Red Wolves’ owner had asked me to do my best to find a replacement.
I smiled to myself, thinking of my confident reply. “I won’t have far to look. I can do it.”
The owner had been doubtful, but he’d given me a chance, and I’d never forget him for that. I called Meredith, who was great at baking, and several students the culinary school at Barklage College. Voila! Promotion! I’d become the official caterer of the Cincinnati Red Wolves.

2 thoughts on “Sneak peek Sunday

  1. Nancy, your imagery is always crystal clear. I think, though I might rearrange the paragraphs. #1 (I couldn’t help it); #3 (My mom always referred…); #4 (I smiled to myself…) #5 (The owner had been doubtful… AND end with from #2 ‘Franci’s Fine Catering was born’. Rework best friend and partner stuff through here); End with #2 (I sent Meredith home) and rework to tell us how sending Meredith home at that particular time on that particular night made everything else happen.

    You have such original ideas.


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