Sneak Peek Sunday–“Rain Delay Murder”

Here’s the next installment of my WIP romantic comedy mystery: Hope you like it!
I lifted my arms, and stretched in the chair. I’d just hang out for a couple of hours. When it was time, I’d call my friend, cab driver extraordinaire, Red Wolves fan, and all around nice guy, Jay Galloway. He didn’t start working until 5 a.m.
I looked out the window again, taking in the view of the city that was still sleeping. Pretty soon, it would wake up. Traffic would wind its way downtown or across the bridge to Northern Kentucky. Weather forecasters had predicted another hot, humid day. As I sat there in the den, in cool air-conditioned comfort, I worried about people who couldn’t even afford a fan. I thought about my grandmother, and how she’d once paid some of her bills with food. What had happened to those simple times?
When 5 a.m. came, I called Jay.
“Go Red Wolves!” Jay said, making me laugh. Once I’d asked him to pick me up at the usual spot, I headed toward the Den’s kitchen to secure everything. Nothing looked strange or peculiar until I noticed that my favorite paring knife was AWOL. “Now where did that go?” Maybe someone had used it by mistake. I trusted Meredith, and the culinary school students who worked with us.
“Tony, Tony look around. Something’s lost and can’t be found,” I chanted, calling on Saint Anthony, the finder of lost items. One of the culinary school students had taught me the prayer, but as far as I could tell, it hadn’t worked.
“I give up.” Then I tripped, something unusual for me. Meredith was the klutz in this operation. Whatever I’d fallen over was huge. Saint Anthony had found something all right. When I looked at the counters, I noticed a trail of red that led to the floor. Blood—lots of it. Then I saw a Cincinnati Red Wolves player. I stared at the black of his red and gray jersey, reading the name and number. Blake Valentine had been stabbed in the back with my paring knife.


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