Out of my comfort zone

I just finished a book where the heroine’s best friend helps her get through a trying time by assigning one task a day to her for a month that is out of her comfort zone–things she would never ordinarily do. I didn’t care much for most of the book, but I did love this idea and decided to try it. My best friend could probably think of things for me to do and I trust her, but for the rest of this month, I’ll try to assign myself the tasks. Tuesday was act like a character in your favorite book day. I guess it sounds conceited to say that I acted like the hero of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” for a day, but this task helped me realize that the female characters in my books need to be a little stronger. OMG, most of them are like…ME!

Yesterday was start cleaning the house like you’re getting ready for a party day. If I’m just cleaning for me, it’s not going to get done. if I’m getting ready for a party, it will. Today was get rid of the gray hair day–I used a kit from the pharmacy–we’ll see what happens.

Saturday I’m going to a different library. Who knows what can happen from here?

What about you? Have you ever done anything outside of your comfort zone, and had it turn out better (or worse) than you expected?

Also, be sure to join me and my hot summer heroes on the Hot Summer Heroes Blog Hop August 15th-18th.


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