Sneak peek Sunday–short story

Here’s a sneak peek at the new short story I just started–I don’t even have a title for the story yet:

“OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod!” Renee, the patient aide who worked with me at Hanover Hospital shrieked in my ear. “That’s him!”
“Who?” I asked, giving my patient the once-over. He was good-looking, although he had a five-o’clock shadow since he hadn’t shaved in a week. Of course, being asleep for most of that time just might have given him a reason not to shave.
“Bert Conrad—the best outfielder on the Cincinnati Red Wolves,” Renee informed me. “And the cutest.”
He was kind of cute in a tall, dark and handsome sort of way. Of course, he’d never notice me. Baseball players with multi-million dollar contracts did not notice overweight nurses who worked at Hanover Hospital.
I couldn’t tell what color his eyes were because he was sleeping. The pain medicine was keeping him pretty doped up. From his chart, I saw that he’d broken his knee during a baseball game and had had surgery on it. Then he’d gotten pneumonia so that slowed down his recovery time. He’d been in ICU after the bout with pneumonia, and they’d moved him up to the third floor.
“Muri, you should ask him out!” Renee said.
Visit the link below to see the other authors sneak peeks.


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