Snippet Sunday

This snippet is from my WIP, “Rain Delay Murder,” a sweet contmp. romantic comedy mystery set in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio…

I first met Elton at a Battle of the Bands concert at The Point nightclub, in Clifton. It was kind of a cool club that was at the point of Vine Street and Clifton Avenue. Jay and his band, Jay & the Cincinnatians, were in the Battle of the Bands and I said the stupidest thing ever when I met Elton. “Elton, that’s Jay Galloway.”
“I know,” he said. He didn’t know much about baseball, but he knew his music, especially local bands.
“It’s so much fun to see all the celebrities here.” There were some famous celebs there, and some look-alikes like Jackie Kennedy and Johnny Cash. “But Jay Galloway’s the nicest man I know.”
As soon as I said it, I realized what a rube I sounded like.

16 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday

  1. It’s easy to get flustered when you’re in a hurry to say something. I can identify.
    I once introduced my current wife at a party and used my first wife’s name.
    Cost me a $2,000 pair of ear rings!

  2. Gawd, I know that blithering fan girl feeling. Even as the words come out of your mouth, you know you’re doing it, but can’t stop!!

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