Snippet Sunday 9/1

Here’s my snippet from my WIP, “Rain Delay Murder.” (sweet contemp. romantic comedy/mystery) Last week, Franci, the heroine, talked about how she met her boyfriend, PI Elton Blumenthal. Here’s the next part of the scene:
A low beep from Elton’s cell brought an end to our conversation and my memories. “Blumenthal here. Yes? Really? All right. I can be there in a few minutes.” He polished off the pie, looking like he wanted another piece. Note to self—buy him a whole Dutch apple pie. He leaned across the small, round café table and took my hand. “I have to go to the office. Valentine’s wife is there and she wants me to find the killer.”
Elton ran his agency out of the Quad X Law Firm Offices. That way he could share office equipment and staff, as well as rent on the space. I wasn’t sure how the four attorneys in the office had come up with that name, since none of their first or last names started with the letter X.
“Can I come?” I asked, hoping to impress him with my tough-girl exterior even though I’d looked a little green after seeing the dead Red Wolves player in my pantry last night.

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