Help the Big Red Wolf get a name (he’s not a werewolf)

MSDFWEBsmallTo celebrate the new and hopefully improved cover of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” l am having a contest.
Your mission, ahould you choose to accept it: Find a name for the hero of what will be a new sweet contemporary short story about the one of the Cincinnati Red Wolves’ (fake Cincinnati Reds baseball team) mascots.
My impartial drawer will draw names randomly. The first name he or she picks will be the name l’ll use and that person will win the grand prize. The other four names will be the second place winners. There will be five winners, one grand prize of a $10 Amazon gift card, and four second prizes of an e copy of one of my books. Click here to see the books l have available. l may also have some print copies of my first ever book, “Tempting Jonah,” available lf you’ve already read my books (which of course my thousands of loyal fans have, LOL) or don’t have an ereader. Click here to see my books:
l recommend the short story collection, (although l love them all, l can’t pick a fave) “Three Strikes, You’re in Love” … it’s da bomb. Greg M., my friend and cab driver (and the person on whom Jay Galloway is based on) rated it “interesting”
Trish McNeil says “This was a cute, fast read. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve read this author before and look forward to more of her books.”

Here are the rules:
1) lf you’re a guy, the hero’s name can’t be yours.
2) lt must be an actual name. Example, “7th lnning Stretch, the Big Red Wolf, would not be acceptable unless the heroine gave him the nickname of “Stretch.” Wasn’t Archie Bunker’s coworker at the dock named Stretch Cunningham?
3) You can enter as many times as you want, but you must use a different name each time
4) He who must not be named: (names l don’t like because l have a bad association with a person or persons who has this name): David (ex “boyfriend” in high school. My friend moved to California/he told her and another friend that he’d broken up with her and was dating two of us at the same while writing and calling her
Abe (my mom’s big, bad ex boss)
Kevin (sorry, Kevin Hines, this is the evil Kevin my mom’s big, bad ex boss
James (and the giant peach…LOL) (my ex boss’s ass istant)(not a typo l meant to do that…LOL)
Ted…my big, bad ex boss
Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31st.Winners will be announced on Friday, November 1 sometime in the evening

How to enter:
Leave a comment with your name suggestion/one name per entry and your email

Have fun! Good luck and thanks in advance!

The author website on Amazon still has the old cover. l’m trying to work out some kinks and get the new cover and blurb uploaded to the site…hope to work this out soon.


Friends Part Three

On Thursday, l found out that my dad fell for the third time since he and my mom have been in the nursing. Since two of the falls were within ten days, the nurse and doctor decided to run more tests, send him back to physical therapy, send him to the eye doctor, and other things they think will help. l had planned to leave work early Friday and visit them anyway, but now l’m really glad l made that decision.

l felt kind of down about the fact that now both my mom and day are in wheelchairs (they hope this will be temporary for my dad). So l went to work feeling kind of down and l have to give a shout out to my male friends, Cliff, Dan and Greg.

#1 Cliff for his jokes and the pen name he thought of for me. l don’t want to say what it is yet. l’ll let that be a surprise if l decide to use it.

#2 Dan for what may end up being the most famous line of 2013…we were talking about matzo for some reason and he asked me if matzo was “short, dark…& tasteless.” Short because it’s flat (okay, l can’t even finish this sentence because l’m laughing again).

#3 Greg who asked if l’d gotten my new smart a** phone yet.

Thanks, guys!

Snlppet Sunday 10/27

Here’s thr new blurb for my book, “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny.” Sales have been pretty bad and the book’s been out for a year. l’d love some feedback so prlvate message me lf you have any suggestlons. Thanks ln advace for your help and support…

She drives him crazy…
Cab driver and part-time musician Jay Galloway plans to be a lifelong bachelor. Then he meets gets a flier from T-shirt designer Reese Elliott and that changes everything. Suddenly he’s thinking about the “L” word and the fact that he’s more attracted to Reese than he’s been to any other woman he’s ever known.

Romance novel hero?
Unfortunately, Reese doesn’t need a man in her life. Men are problems, but Jay’s lrreslstable. Stlll, she knows he’ll probably run like a Cincinnati Red Wolves ball player stealing home when he learns that she’s responsible for her dad who’s in the early stages of dementia.

Will Reese and Jay succumb to their growing desire or will Jay drive away as fast as his cab will take him when he discovers how complicated loving Reese really is?

Snippet Sunday 10/20

l just started this yesterday for a Chanukah short story collection that will include the story from last week (title changed to “We Refuse to Lose”) and the Holly, the lvy…& the Menorah, and this one, Silver Dreidels. lt’s very raw…

“Oh, no,” Raven Wolf groaned, as she stared at the gaping hole between the sidewalk and her friend, Jay Galloway’s, cab. lt was 5:30 a.m. and she was on her way to work at Red Wolves Ballpark, where she worked part time for Franci’s Fine Catering. She also had a seasonal job at the lnternal Revenue Service, but the government had been shut down for a week. Franci needed extra servers for a breakfast meeting at the ball park, so Raven had jumped at the chance to work. She walked back toward the driveway, which, thankfully, didn’t have a gaping hole.
Jay backed the cab up, and she gratefully opened the door and sat in the back seat. “Mornin’,” she said.
“Good morning,” Jay said, with an easy grin.
“l’m sorry you didn’t get the job as manager of the Red Wolves,” Raven said. She and Jay shared a love of baseball, and especially their hometown team. Ever since Landry Jackson had retired, there had been speculation about the new manager, and Raven had teased Jay and said they should hire him.

Snippet Sunday

Here’s a snippet from the short story I just finished, “Red Wolves Never Lose.” (Sweet contemp. hopefully to go into a short story collection feauturing the Cincinnati Red Wolves baseball team). Let me know what you think…I’d love some feedback.

“Well, Muri, get me my doctor, and tell him to get me the hell out of here. Now!”
“Mr. Conrad, I’m sorry, but your doctor will just tell you the same thing. If you can’t even go to the bathroom without help, you’re stuck here until you can. So the Red Wolves will have to get along without you for a little while.”
Renee rolled her eyes. “They can’t get along without him. The Red Wolves are going to the playoffs and they can’t lose. They never lose. It’s their motto? ‘We refuse to lose?’”
“There’s always a first time,” I said. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you off your feet and out of bed soon.”
“Listen to the other lady,” Bert rasped. “She knows what she’s talking about. And the Red Wolves don’t get injured either. They play with broken legs and broken arms and even bad knees. I’ve got to get back to the team.”
“Mr. Conrad,” I said, unable to take him or Renee seriously. I didn’t know much about baseball, but I was aware that every team had some injured players and losses. No team was perfect. “I’m sure you want to get back with your team and no one wants that more than I do. But we have to follow the rules, as I’m sure you do in the game of baseball.”
“The Red Wolves are different,” Renee said.
I sent her a stern gaze that I hoped made her realize that I was the one in charge here. No way was I bending the rules just because Bert Conrad was a hot shot baseball player.

I refuse to lose–or Happy Anniversary Messrs. Short, Dark…& Funny & Tall, Tan…& Tasteless

October 13th, this Sunday, is the first anniversary of my two e-books, “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” and “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” Since the name of this blog is “Laugh With Me,” I’d like to give you a beautiful, happy ending.
I’d like to say that from the first day, people rushed to their Kindles and computers to order these books and that all of the reviews were five stars. They didn’t, and they weren’t.
I’d like to say that it’s the Indie Book of the Year. It’s not.
I’d like to say that real life didn’t come crashing down with a bang to mess up my writing career. It did.
I love my characters in this series, even if some people don’t. They’re regular people like you and me. They’re funny and quirky and I love them. I’ve got more characters who want their stories told.
I can tell you that I still miss my husband, Jon, every day, and am glad to have the memories of all of our time together.
I can tell you that the real life Jay Galloway is still is funny as ever and I am so grateful to have him and all of my other friends at this time.
My mom and dad are in a nursing home but they are still here and I treasure every moment that I talk to them or see them. My mom (who is also, short, dark and funny) still has her sense of humor.
And I’m still here. Many, many times I wanted to give up writing. I decided it was time to grow up, and quit living in a dream world. I can’t. I see friends of mine (I knew them when) who have successful writing careers, and if they can do it, why can’t I?

Nancy Goldberg Levine is the author of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless,” “Sweeter Than W(h)ine,” and “Three Strikes—You’re in Love,” a short story collection. If you aren’t one of the people who rushed to their Kindle to download “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” when it was released last year, you can download it free on October 13. And watch of the sequel of “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless,” “Tasteless Holidays,” a holiday novella, coming soon (hopefully).

Snippet Sunday

“Happy Chanukah!” Elton came through the door with Franci, and both Holly and her sister enveloped them in hugs.
“I brought homemade pizza,” Franci said, with a smile. Her company, Franci’s Fine Catering, was the official caterer of the Red Wolves. “It’s got a whole wheat barley crust.” She started taking food out of carriers. “I brought latkes, of course.” Holly’s mouth watered, just thinking about Franci’s homemade potato pancakes. “and Red Wolves salad,” Franci went on.
“Did you bring dessert?” Ivy asked. She pouted and cast her baby browns on Elton. “And where are those Red Wolves you promised to invite?”
Franci said that was a surprise as Holly helped her get the food into the kitchen and then let Elton’s girlfriend do her thing.
While Franci was prepping, Franci’s friend, cab driver and Red Wolves fan, Jay Galloway, arrived with his wife, Reese, and the dessert. “Merry Chanukah. Happy Christmas,” Jay said, with a smile. Holly had always liked the short, dark and funny Jay’s sense of humor, which was outlandish and quirky, like hers.