Shutdown and baseball nights

Two things happened on Tuesday, Oct. 1st. It was the day after our hometown Cincinnati Reds lost the one-game playoff to the Pittsburgh Pirates. And it was day one of the government shutdown. I had just been called back to work three weeks before, and then the government shut down. To add insult to injury, my team lost the playoff game, and didn’t look very good doing it.

I have been to one playoff game and one World Series game. The playoff game was in 1990 and the Reds were playing the Pirates. My husband and I watched and cheered for the home team. Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless the USA.” That sent a thrill through me and so did the game.

The World Series game I went to was the Reds vs. the As–in 1972. Standing room only, and they mean Standing room only. My dad and I still enjoyed it–even though we had to stand.

I’m sorry the Reds didn’t play deeper into the post season because I hate to see it end. Yeah, I can watch the playoffs and World Series and root for the team my friend and I adopted, the Pirates, (I do this every year–adopt another team for the post season if the Reds lose). Yeah, I can re-create that excitement in one of my books as the fake Cincinnati Reds, the Cincinnati Red Wolves, sweep the playoffs and the World Series, but somehow, it’s not the same.

I’ve only participated in one government shutdown–this one. I don’t like it.

179 more days until Opening Day!

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