Snippet Sunday

“Happy Chanukah!” Elton came through the door with Franci, and both Holly and her sister enveloped them in hugs.
“I brought homemade pizza,” Franci said, with a smile. Her company, Franci’s Fine Catering, was the official caterer of the Red Wolves. “It’s got a whole wheat barley crust.” She started taking food out of carriers. “I brought latkes, of course.” Holly’s mouth watered, just thinking about Franci’s homemade potato pancakes. “and Red Wolves salad,” Franci went on.
“Did you bring dessert?” Ivy asked. She pouted and cast her baby browns on Elton. “And where are those Red Wolves you promised to invite?”
Franci said that was a surprise as Holly helped her get the food into the kitchen and then let Elton’s girlfriend do her thing.
While Franci was prepping, Franci’s friend, cab driver and Red Wolves fan, Jay Galloway, arrived with his wife, Reese, and the dessert. “Merry Chanukah. Happy Christmas,” Jay said, with a smile. Holly had always liked the short, dark and funny Jay’s sense of humor, which was outlandish and quirky, like hers.


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