Snippet Sunday 10/20

l just started this yesterday for a Chanukah short story collection that will include the story from last week (title changed to “We Refuse to Lose”) and the Holly, the lvy…& the Menorah, and this one, Silver Dreidels. lt’s very raw…

“Oh, no,” Raven Wolf groaned, as she stared at the gaping hole between the sidewalk and her friend, Jay Galloway’s, cab. lt was 5:30 a.m. and she was on her way to work at Red Wolves Ballpark, where she worked part time for Franci’s Fine Catering. She also had a seasonal job at the lnternal Revenue Service, but the government had been shut down for a week. Franci needed extra servers for a breakfast meeting at the ball park, so Raven had jumped at the chance to work. She walked back toward the driveway, which, thankfully, didn’t have a gaping hole.
Jay backed the cab up, and she gratefully opened the door and sat in the back seat. “Mornin’,” she said.
“Good morning,” Jay said, with an easy grin.
“l’m sorry you didn’t get the job as manager of the Red Wolves,” Raven said. She and Jay shared a love of baseball, and especially their hometown team. Ever since Landry Jackson had retired, there had been speculation about the new manager, and Raven had teased Jay and said they should hire him.


15 responses to “Snippet Sunday 10/20

  1. LOL. Government shutdown. Too bad it isn’t only in fiction.

  2. l agree. lt was a pain in the neck, and, unlike Raven, l don’t have a seoond job. Maybe l’ll win the lottery…LOL

  3. Nice start to the story—and depressingly relevant, too! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s been a crazy week. One minute l’m going to visit my mom and dad, and a couple of days later, my alarm is going off at the crack of dawn and soon l’m back to work.

      • We didn’t miss work (I’m a public librarian), but half our databases were down and since we’re a federal depository and an official patent resource center, things kind of piled up . . .

  4. Strong start to the story 🙂

  5. historysleuth1

    A common interest to bring the two together. Good place to start.
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

  6. Government shutdown with all those holes to fix.

  7. Nice intro of the characters and their relationship.

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