Friends Part Three

On Thursday, l found out that my dad fell for the third time since he and my mom have been in the nursing. Since two of the falls were within ten days, the nurse and doctor decided to run more tests, send him back to physical therapy, send him to the eye doctor, and other things they think will help. l had planned to leave work early Friday and visit them anyway, but now l’m really glad l made that decision.

l felt kind of down about the fact that now both my mom and day are in wheelchairs (they hope this will be temporary for my dad). So l went to work feeling kind of down and l have to give a shout out to my male friends, Cliff, Dan and Greg.

#1 Cliff for his jokes and the pen name he thought of for me. l don’t want to say what it is yet. l’ll let that be a surprise if l decide to use it.

#2 Dan for what may end up being the most famous line of 2013…we were talking about matzo for some reason and he asked me if matzo was “short, dark…& tasteless.” Short because it’s flat (okay, l can’t even finish this sentence because l’m laughing again).

#3 Greg who asked if l’d gotten my new smart a** phone yet.

Thanks, guys!

2 thoughts on “Friends Part Three

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad! Hopefully the wheelchair will be temporary. BUT, it’s wonderful to have friends who can pull us out of our funk with some laughs (especially since you love to laugh). Hang in there, Nancy!

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