Help the Big Red Wolf get a name (he’s not a werewolf)

MSDFWEBsmallTo celebrate the new and hopefully improved cover of “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” l am having a contest.
Your mission, ahould you choose to accept it: Find a name for the hero of what will be a new sweet contemporary short story about the one of the Cincinnati Red Wolves’ (fake Cincinnati Reds baseball team) mascots.
My impartial drawer will draw names randomly. The first name he or she picks will be the name l’ll use and that person will win the grand prize. The other four names will be the second place winners. There will be five winners, one grand prize of a $10 Amazon gift card, and four second prizes of an e copy of one of my books. Click here to see the books l have available. l may also have some print copies of my first ever book, “Tempting Jonah,” available lf you’ve already read my books (which of course my thousands of loyal fans have, LOL) or don’t have an ereader. Click here to see my books:
l recommend the short story collection, (although l love them all, l can’t pick a fave) “Three Strikes, You’re in Love” … it’s da bomb. Greg M., my friend and cab driver (and the person on whom Jay Galloway is based on) rated it “interesting”
Trish McNeil says “This was a cute, fast read. I enjoyed reading it. I’ve read this author before and look forward to more of her books.”

Here are the rules:
1) lf you’re a guy, the hero’s name can’t be yours.
2) lt must be an actual name. Example, “7th lnning Stretch, the Big Red Wolf, would not be acceptable unless the heroine gave him the nickname of “Stretch.” Wasn’t Archie Bunker’s coworker at the dock named Stretch Cunningham?
3) You can enter as many times as you want, but you must use a different name each time
4) He who must not be named: (names l don’t like because l have a bad association with a person or persons who has this name): David (ex “boyfriend” in high school. My friend moved to California/he told her and another friend that he’d broken up with her and was dating two of us at the same while writing and calling her
Abe (my mom’s big, bad ex boss)
Kevin (sorry, Kevin Hines, this is the evil Kevin my mom’s big, bad ex boss
James (and the giant peach…LOL) (my ex boss’s ass istant)(not a typo l meant to do that…LOL)
Ted…my big, bad ex boss
Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31st.Winners will be announced on Friday, November 1 sometime in the evening

How to enter:
Leave a comment with your name suggestion/one name per entry and your email

Have fun! Good luck and thanks in advance!

The author website on Amazon still has the old cover. l’m trying to work out some kinks and get the new cover and blurb uploaded to the site…hope to work this out soon.


9 thoughts on “Help the Big Red Wolf get a name (he’s not a werewolf)

      1. Don’t know. They play tonight. UC played last night and won their game. I got a couple more names for you.
        One is Tony Bastardo, the other is Brian Michaels. The first name is something you already know about. The second name is a blend of two names from my childhood. I had a friend named Brian, and the last name is what my best girlfriend became when she got married.

      2. Yeah, duh, Gretchen, l found out thls mornlng that the Bengals are playlng tonlght. Greg told me. l lke your other two names. Good luck…l can make the same deal for you as l dld for Karla lf she wlns…a $10 glft certlflcate from Starbucks…or a place of your cholce. Slnce you, belng the wonderful person that you are, have already read my books and l thank you!

  1. Or maybe ‘Howard White’….he’s always too hot and sweaty and keeps his AC up way high. His childhood friends called him Whitey…but his team mates call him Arctic. (Arctic White)

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