Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop

Welcome to the Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop, today, Nov. 29th through Sunday, Dec 2nd. We have more than 70 authors participating, a grand prize, and each author will have a giveaway. I’m giving away a five dollar Amazon gift card to a random commentator. My second prize is an ebook of my short story collection Three Strikes You’re in Love.

So what’s my idea of a hot autumn night? It used to be snuggling with my husband, the late Jonathan Andrew Levine. He used to make me a cup of chai tea and he was tall, dark and handsome. I miss him like crazy, especially during the holidays. I may not be the best person to ask, so I asked some of my heroines what nade a night hot for them…

Reese Galloway, heroine of Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny… Listening to my husband, Jay, sing. He’s in a band, y’know. When he talks, it’s hot, too.

Lorrie Caldwell, heroine of Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless and the upcoming sequel Tasteless Holidays… Well, Scotty is a lot like your husband was, Nan. He makes me tea or hot chocolate and he tried to lip sync a serenade to me once. It didn’t go very well. A hot autumn night to me is laughing with him and talking [blushes] or not talking and doing something else.
Speaking of which, here’s a quote from my R rated WIP from my heroine, Raven, about a hot autumn night…I forgot about Sy and Darlene dancing together as Corey called out for the relatives and the bridal party to join the newlyweds on the dance floor. I pictured myself in Mateo’s arms doing more than dancing.
When the song was over, I was in his arms. “You were wonderful,” he said, taking my hand and leading me back to the table. I murmured my thanks, wondering how that vivid vision of him in my bed had suddenly appeared. Once again, I blamed the champagne. I couldn’t be so lucky in love twice in a lifetime. Or could I?
What about you? What’s your idea of a hot autumn night…let me know in the comments and you may win a prize.
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