Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop

Welcome to the Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop, today, Nov. 29th through Sunday, Dec 2nd. We have more than 70 authors participating, a grand prize, and each author will have a giveaway. I’m giving away a five dollar Amazon gift card to a random commentator. My second prize is an ebook of my short story collection Three Strikes You’re in Love.

So what’s my idea of a hot autumn night? It used to be snuggling with my husband, the late Jonathan Andrew Levine. He used to make me a cup of chai tea and he was tall, dark and handsome. I miss him like crazy, especially during the holidays. I may not be the best person to ask, so I asked some of my heroines what nade a night hot for them…

Reese Galloway, heroine of Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny… Listening to my husband, Jay, sing. He’s in a band, y’know. When he talks, it’s hot, too.

Lorrie Caldwell, heroine of Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless and the upcoming sequel Tasteless Holidays… Well, Scotty is a lot like your husband was, Nan. He makes me tea or hot chocolate and he tried to lip sync a serenade to me once. It didn’t go very well. A hot autumn night to me is laughing with him and talking [blushes] or not talking and doing something else.
Speaking of which, here’s a quote from my R rated WIP from my heroine, Raven, about a hot autumn night…I forgot about Sy and Darlene dancing together as Corey called out for the relatives and the bridal party to join the newlyweds on the dance floor. I pictured myself in Mateo’s arms doing more than dancing.
When the song was over, I was in his arms. “You were wonderful,” he said, taking my hand and leading me back to the table. I murmured my thanks, wondering how that vivid vision of him in my bed had suddenly appeared. Once again, I blamed the champagne. I couldn’t be so lucky in love twice in a lifetime. Or could I?
What about you? What’s your idea of a hot autumn night…let me know in the comments and you may win a prize.
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Thank You!

Thanksgiving 2012…l was thankful to be alive, and for my wonderful parents and friends. l was about to take part in my first blog hop, and my first two ebooks had just gone live on Amazon a month before. My parents were still in relatively good health, and we’d just eaten a Thanksgiving dinner of chicken with all the trimmings. That chicken was the start of a downhill spiral for my parents and me.

Thanksgivnukah 2013…Chanukah and Thanksgiving are on the same day. l’m still thankful for my parents and my amazing friends and to be alive and so much more. The Monday after Thanksgiving last year, my friend, Greg, and l found my parents on the floor of the home where they’d lived for almost sixty years. Now they’re in a nursing home and l just got back from taking them a feast? of turkey with all the trimmings. The turkey sandwiches [thanks to Empire Kosher Meat and lzzy’s bread] were great. The sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce…not so much. The pumpkin pie bars that were supposed to be coffee house favorites were tasteless and expensive. The stuffing and dark chocolate, as well as the Starbucks coffee l had at the nursing home, were delicious. lt wasn’t really about the food, it was about being with my family members…real and fake.

l thank God that l am alive, and for my parents and friends. l thank the people at the nursing home for taking such great care of my parents because l can’t always be there. l thank my friend, Keith, who passed away earlier this year for being my friend and for painting the wonderful cover on my first ever romance novel. l thank Karla and Greg for being my friends and for everything you guys do for me and my parents, and all of my other friends for the same.

What are you thankful for?

Snippet Sunday 11/24/13

Here it is…the next snippet in Sy and Darlene’s story [which is now finished]. Last week, Darlene ran off after kissing Sy. Here’s what happened next. lf you want to see what these guys look like, check out Vi LaNance’s [she’s my naughty alter ego] on Pininterest.

“Dude!” Russell Kincaid said, when Sy started to head in Darlene’s direction. They’d called him up from the minors for his speed, but he wouldn’t catch up with her if he stood around jawing with Russ.
“I’ve gotta go.” He’d be in trouble with the team’s new manager, too, not to mention the owners. He’d come up with a story. Right now he had to find Little Red Riding Hood. He caught up to her, and saw her walking toward the Banks, a new area near the ballpark filled with shops, restaurants, and new apartments and condos.
What if she thought he was a stalker? He’d get arrested, and his face would be plastered all over the local paper and TV stations by tonight. Not to mention social media. Better to hang for a sheep than a lamb, as his gramps used to say. He was a risk taker, after all. Since joining the Red Wolves, he had yet to be caught stealing.

Short story review…When Harry met Dali by Robert Rigby

This review is from: When Harry Met Dali (Lit Bits) (Kindle Edition)
l wasn’t sure what to expect when l started reading this wonderful short story, but l was drawn in from the beginning. Harriet [Harry] and her sister go on a trip in the hopes of meeting Salvador Dali. Alison, friends with Harry’s sister goes with them. They meet guys, one of whom is a writer who is going to interview Dali. The dancers Dali was supposed to photograph don’t show up, so Harry and her sister, Jenny, agree to pose as models for the chance to meet the artist.
Things go well and the experience sticks in Jenny’s mind. l got a clear picture of Harry, Jenny and Alison, the guys they meet, and a look at London in the 1960s. As the years go by, the memory still lingers clear in Harry’s mind.
l loved the reference to a Dusty Springfield song that took me back to the past. l enjoyed reading about Harry and her sister and their day with Dali. Robert Rigby is a new author to me, but l’ll be reading more of his work. `
available on

Snippet Sunday 11/17

Continuing with Sy and Darlene’s story…last week, she met Sy and this is what happens next…thanks for reading…am trying to finish the story by Monday…

Russell Kincaid hit a home run, and the Red Wolves were ahead, nine to nothing.
Kincaid ran into the dugout, and then the Red Wolves Kissing Bandit Cam focused on Sy. Well, as long as they were zooming in…of course, her kiss couldn’t be too passionate. There were kids in the ballpark. But…
Darlene took a chance. She wrapped her arms around the startled ballplayer. She looked up into his twinkling hazel eyes, and at his muscular body and tattoos. She’d never done anything like this before, but she wanted to kiss him. She closed her eyes and stood on tiptoe, bringing her lips to meet his. “l’ve got everything a big bad Red Wolf could want,” she whispered, before kissing him with all the pent up passion she could while still keeping it G rated.
“Wow!” Sy said, when she finished.
She didn’t stick around. She ran back to the dressing room to get out of her costume before the kids in the ballpark were treated to an X rated kiss.

Snippet Sunday 11/10

Here is my snippet which starts out tame, but is getting wilder as l write. My naughty alter ego, Vi LaNance, wrote this…

Chapter One
“Let’s go Red Wolves! Let’s go Red Wolves!” The crowd was on their feet at Red Wolves Ballpark. This was what Darlene Dover loved best about playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood. No one knew that inside the costume stood a woman with scars from a fire ten years ago. Nobody would guess that she was terrified of all those fans. She shared their enthusiasm for the home team, but she kept quiet and mugged for the camera.
“Ladies and gentlemen…” the PA announcer spoke. “Pinch running for Jose Morales will be…Sy Bonaventure!”
“Run Sy Run!” the crowd began to chant.
Sy Bonaventure was hot. He’d just come up from the farm team, and was the best base stealer for the Louisville Owls. She’d memorized stats and hoped that one day, he’d be playing in the big leagues. Now he was. She paid attention to the game, willing Russell Kincaid to get a hit so Sy could steal a base.

Chanukah memories

This week, l promised to blog about Chanukah memories, and l have a lot of them.
When l was a kid, l’d get eight presents. l started going back to that tradition about ten years ago, but got away from let the last couple of years. This year, l’m back to lt and since Chanukah and Thanksgiving are on the same day, l even got eight presents for some of my friends who aren’t Jewish [they deserve let after all they’ve done for me]. l remember one year, when l was about eight, my dad coming home from work with a big box. My friend and l tried to find out what lt was [because her parents wrapped her gifts in tissue paper, and she could see through]. My mom and dad didn’t use tissue paper, but l finally found out during Chanukah that l’d gotten the Chatty Cathy doll l’d wanted.
Later l tried to create memories for my husband’s niece. We had a huge party with her and my in-laws, and my friends. We had let at my parents’ house, and played Dreldel of Fortune and Jewish Jeopardy. My in-laws had so much fun that they asked to be invited back another night. Luckily, Chanukah lasts for eight days.
l’m not sure about this Thanksglvnukah stuff. Potato pancakes, jelly donuts, and turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie…we’ll see.
What about you…what are some of your holiday traditions?

Guilt free Thanksgivnukah (sort of)

l recently read the blog of a person who was complaining because her mother was upset because she was hosting Thanksgiving at her house and about all the guilt her mom had laid on her over the years. With Thanksgiving and the first day of Chanukah coming on the same day this year, l thought l would remember the good times and traditions with my small family. l wish l could go to my parents’ house for the holidays this year, but the only way that will happen is if l go to their house to pick up more of their belongings and keepsakes. l will be celebrating with them at Hickory Acres (name changed to protect the innocent), the nursing home where they now reside.
l don’t think they ever made me feel guilty about not spending Thanksgiving with them. The only guilt l feel in 2013 is on my part. l feel bad that my parents have to celebrate Thanksgiving at Hickory Acres, not their house or my condo. Somehow, l still blame myself. l should have seen this coming.
After l got married, we decided to have Thanksgiving at my parents’ house one year, and at my condo the next. My mom also has a pair of turkey salt and pepper shakers that we passed back and forth between houses depending on whose turn lt was to host. l love those salt and pepper shakers.
After my husband passed away, we spent Thanksgiving 2001 with my in-laws so the whole family could be together. But we still passed those salt and pepper shakers around. We were also invited to spend Thanksgiving with friends several times.
But my favorite times were in my parents’ house with my husband, checking out the Black Friday sales and the turkey coloring contest entries (l’m entering this year) in the local paper. Afterward we didn’t watch football but VCR tapes (yeah, this was back in the 1980s) of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon.
To be continued…next week, Chanukah memories and traditions.

Snippet Sunday 11/2

Here’s my snippet, it’s the new (and hopefully improved) blurb for “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” l dedicate this snippet to the real life Scotty Caldwell, my late husband, Jonathan (Jon) Levine, who would have been 59 on November 5th. We miss you, Jon, and we’ll always love you…l’m having ice cream on the 5th.

Once again, l’d love feedback on the blurb. Private message me if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance…

Any friend of my brother’s is a guy l won’t date
Paralegal Scotty Caldwell never saw the evidence that his best friend’s sister, beautician Lorrie Galloway, was in love with him. She never dated friends, especially not her brother’s best friend. When Lorrle blurts her love out at her brother’s wedding, Scotty’s intrigued. And happy. Now he just has to convince Lorrie that loving her brother’s best friend is great…case closed.
When Scotty’s parents arrive from Miami unexpectedly, they find Scotty and Lorrle kissing. Scotty’s dad brings up old issues and insists that Scotty marry Lorrie…immediately. Now Scotty has to win Lorrie’s heart and stand up to his dad. Can Scotty turn friendship into love before Lorrie’s closing arguments lose his case for him?

Contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of my “Help the Big Red Wolf Get a Name” contest. Thanks to all who entered. To those who didn’t, have some fun and try my next contest. You might be lucky like Betty Jones, who won the first prize of a $10 Amazon gift card, as well as two of the second prizes, copies of my ebooks of her choice. Since she can’t download the books, l am giving her a $l5 gift card instead.

Second prize went to Dan Dover, who will be getting a copy of my short story collection “Three Strikes…You’re in Love” soon.

Now for the name of the Big Red Wolf…
l combined Dan and Betty’s answers and can now reveal that the hero of “Wolf’s Clothing” will be…Norbit Casey Wolf (they call him Casey). l also liled the name that Tami Cunningham and Greg Martindale picked, Pete, so Casey’s brother is Peter Edward Wolf and will be getting his own story.

Here’s the story of the story…lt takes place in Cincinnati and is about one of the Cincinnati Red Wolves’ (fake Cincinnati Reds baseball team) mascot, the big red wolf (Little Red Riding Hood is the other mascot/she’s going out with the shortstop) Casey, The big red wolf runs into someone from his past at the annual Red Wolves Happy Howloween celebratlon. He’s back ln hls hometown and reconnects wlth thr gl hr left behlnd…