Contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of my “Help the Big Red Wolf Get a Name” contest. Thanks to all who entered. To those who didn’t, have some fun and try my next contest. You might be lucky like Betty Jones, who won the first prize of a $10 Amazon gift card, as well as two of the second prizes, copies of my ebooks of her choice. Since she can’t download the books, l am giving her a $l5 gift card instead.

Second prize went to Dan Dover, who will be getting a copy of my short story collection “Three Strikes…You’re in Love” soon.

Now for the name of the Big Red Wolf…
l combined Dan and Betty’s answers and can now reveal that the hero of “Wolf’s Clothing” will be…Norbit Casey Wolf (they call him Casey). l also liled the name that Tami Cunningham and Greg Martindale picked, Pete, so Casey’s brother is Peter Edward Wolf and will be getting his own story.

Here’s the story of the story…lt takes place in Cincinnati and is about one of the Cincinnati Red Wolves’ (fake Cincinnati Reds baseball team) mascot, the big red wolf (Little Red Riding Hood is the other mascot/she’s going out with the shortstop) Casey, The big red wolf runs into someone from his past at the annual Red Wolves Happy Howloween celebratlon. He’s back ln hls hometown and reconnects wlth thr gl hr left behlnd…


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