Snippet Sunday 11/2

Here’s my snippet, it’s the new (and hopefully improved) blurb for “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” l dedicate this snippet to the real life Scotty Caldwell, my late husband, Jonathan (Jon) Levine, who would have been 59 on November 5th. We miss you, Jon, and we’ll always love you…l’m having ice cream on the 5th.

Once again, l’d love feedback on the blurb. Private message me if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance…

Any friend of my brother’s is a guy l won’t date
Paralegal Scotty Caldwell never saw the evidence that his best friend’s sister, beautician Lorrie Galloway, was in love with him. She never dated friends, especially not her brother’s best friend. When Lorrle blurts her love out at her brother’s wedding, Scotty’s intrigued. And happy. Now he just has to convince Lorrie that loving her brother’s best friend is great…case closed.
When Scotty’s parents arrive from Miami unexpectedly, they find Scotty and Lorrle kissing. Scotty’s dad brings up old issues and insists that Scotty marry Lorrie…immediately. Now Scotty has to win Lorrie’s heart and stand up to his dad. Can Scotty turn friendship into love before Lorrie’s closing arguments lose his case for him?

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