Guilt free Thanksgivnukah (sort of)

l recently read the blog of a person who was complaining because her mother was upset because she was hosting Thanksgiving at her house and about all the guilt her mom had laid on her over the years. With Thanksgiving and the first day of Chanukah coming on the same day this year, l thought l would remember the good times and traditions with my small family. l wish l could go to my parents’ house for the holidays this year, but the only way that will happen is if l go to their house to pick up more of their belongings and keepsakes. l will be celebrating with them at Hickory Acres (name changed to protect the innocent), the nursing home where they now reside.
l don’t think they ever made me feel guilty about not spending Thanksgiving with them. The only guilt l feel in 2013 is on my part. l feel bad that my parents have to celebrate Thanksgiving at Hickory Acres, not their house or my condo. Somehow, l still blame myself. l should have seen this coming.
After l got married, we decided to have Thanksgiving at my parents’ house one year, and at my condo the next. My mom also has a pair of turkey salt and pepper shakers that we passed back and forth between houses depending on whose turn lt was to host. l love those salt and pepper shakers.
After my husband passed away, we spent Thanksgiving 2001 with my in-laws so the whole family could be together. But we still passed those salt and pepper shakers around. We were also invited to spend Thanksgiving with friends several times.
But my favorite times were in my parents’ house with my husband, checking out the Black Friday sales and the turkey coloring contest entries (l’m entering this year) in the local paper. Afterward we didn’t watch football but VCR tapes (yeah, this was back in the 1980s) of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon.
To be continued…next week, Chanukah memories and traditions.

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