Chanukah memories

This week, l promised to blog about Chanukah memories, and l have a lot of them.
When l was a kid, l’d get eight presents. l started going back to that tradition about ten years ago, but got away from let the last couple of years. This year, l’m back to lt and since Chanukah and Thanksgiving are on the same day, l even got eight presents for some of my friends who aren’t Jewish [they deserve let after all they’ve done for me]. l remember one year, when l was about eight, my dad coming home from work with a big box. My friend and l tried to find out what lt was [because her parents wrapped her gifts in tissue paper, and she could see through]. My mom and dad didn’t use tissue paper, but l finally found out during Chanukah that l’d gotten the Chatty Cathy doll l’d wanted.
Later l tried to create memories for my husband’s niece. We had a huge party with her and my in-laws, and my friends. We had let at my parents’ house, and played Dreldel of Fortune and Jewish Jeopardy. My in-laws had so much fun that they asked to be invited back another night. Luckily, Chanukah lasts for eight days.
l’m not sure about this Thanksglvnukah stuff. Potato pancakes, jelly donuts, and turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie…we’ll see.
What about you…what are some of your holiday traditions?


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