Snippet Sunday 11/10

Here is my snippet which starts out tame, but is getting wilder as l write. My naughty alter ego, Vi LaNance, wrote this…

Chapter One
“Let’s go Red Wolves! Let’s go Red Wolves!” The crowd was on their feet at Red Wolves Ballpark. This was what Darlene Dover loved best about playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood. No one knew that inside the costume stood a woman with scars from a fire ten years ago. Nobody would guess that she was terrified of all those fans. She shared their enthusiasm for the home team, but she kept quiet and mugged for the camera.
“Ladies and gentlemen…” the PA announcer spoke. “Pinch running for Jose Morales will be…Sy Bonaventure!”
“Run Sy Run!” the crowd began to chant.
Sy Bonaventure was hot. He’d just come up from the farm team, and was the best base stealer for the Louisville Owls. She’d memorized stats and hoped that one day, he’d be playing in the big leagues. Now he was. She paid attention to the game, willing Russell Kincaid to get a hit so Sy could steal a base.


21 responses to “Snippet Sunday 11/10

  1. The part about why she loves being the mascot is so touching…

  2. You seem to have two characters with opposite personalities, that is going to be interesting.

  3. Thanks for stoppng by…yeah, opposltes attract…l hope.

  4. Ah, the benefit of a costume. The ability to hide, to pretend to be somebody else. It does offer a certain sense of comfort. Great snippet!! 🙂

  5. historysleuth1

    She can be herself as someone else. I like the contrast in that and let’s see what comes of her attraction to Sy. Does he know it’s her under the costume? Lots of avenues to pursue with this story. Great snippet Nancy!
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

  6. Nice snippet. There was a team mascot recently featured on ‘This American Life’ on NPR. Fascinating. Easy to hide within the costume and be more outgoing. Looking forward to reading more.

  7. I enjoyed the snippet and I’m intrigued to know more about the wounded heroine. Hopefully, she finds the certain someone who will unveil the true gal beneath the mask. I look forward to reading more. 🙂

  8. Very nice snippet. Loving how it’s shaping up!

  9. I love that inside that costume she’s free to be herself. Intriguing and fun snippet. 🙂

  10. Are we going to get the back story about the burns?

  11. What a pity that she feels she has to be inside that hot suit. I hope her life is about to change for the better.

  12. What a marvelous snippet! We get character backstory, present story, and a love interest all in a few sentences. This is great! 🙂

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