Snippet Sunday 11/17

Continuing with Sy and Darlene’s story…last week, she met Sy and this is what happens next…thanks for reading…am trying to finish the story by Monday…

Russell Kincaid hit a home run, and the Red Wolves were ahead, nine to nothing.
Kincaid ran into the dugout, and then the Red Wolves Kissing Bandit Cam focused on Sy. Well, as long as they were zooming in…of course, her kiss couldn’t be too passionate. There were kids in the ballpark. But…
Darlene took a chance. She wrapped her arms around the startled ballplayer. She looked up into his twinkling hazel eyes, and at his muscular body and tattoos. She’d never done anything like this before, but she wanted to kiss him. She closed her eyes and stood on tiptoe, bringing her lips to meet his. “l’ve got everything a big bad Red Wolf could want,” she whispered, before kissing him with all the pent up passion she could while still keeping it G rated.
“Wow!” Sy said, when she finished.
She didn’t stick around. She ran back to the dressing room to get out of her costume before the kids in the ballpark were treated to an X rated kiss.


27 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 11/17

      1. Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs’ hit, “Little Red Riding Hood” topped the charts for two weeks in Aug. of 1966. I was a teen in middle school. (back then, we called it “Jr. High.”)
        You hit a memorable line from the song and made me smile.

      2. Love that song…another friend used to sing it to his wife because her winter coat was red and had a hood [and he thought she was everything a big bad wolf could want].

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