Short story review…When Harry met Dali by Robert Rigby

This review is from: When Harry Met Dali (Lit Bits) (Kindle Edition)
l wasn’t sure what to expect when l started reading this wonderful short story, but l was drawn in from the beginning. Harriet [Harry] and her sister go on a trip in the hopes of meeting Salvador Dali. Alison, friends with Harry’s sister goes with them. They meet guys, one of whom is a writer who is going to interview Dali. The dancers Dali was supposed to photograph don’t show up, so Harry and her sister, Jenny, agree to pose as models for the chance to meet the artist.
Things go well and the experience sticks in Jenny’s mind. l got a clear picture of Harry, Jenny and Alison, the guys they meet, and a look at London in the 1960s. As the years go by, the memory still lingers clear in Harry’s mind.
l loved the reference to a Dusty Springfield song that took me back to the past. l enjoyed reading about Harry and her sister and their day with Dali. Robert Rigby is a new author to me, but l’ll be reading more of his work. `
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2 thoughts on “Short story review…When Harry met Dali by Robert Rigby

  1. I like the review. I like the art of Salvadore Dali, been to the museum in St. Petersburg, FL. Sounds like it may be an interesting story to read.

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