Snippet Sunday 11/24/13

Here it is…the next snippet in Sy and Darlene’s story [which is now finished]. Last week, Darlene ran off after kissing Sy. Here’s what happened next. lf you want to see what these guys look like, check out Vi LaNance’s [she’s my naughty alter ego] on Pininterest.

“Dude!” Russell Kincaid said, when Sy started to head in Darlene’s direction. They’d called him up from the minors for his speed, but he wouldn’t catch up with her if he stood around jawing with Russ.
“I’ve gotta go.” He’d be in trouble with the team’s new manager, too, not to mention the owners. He’d come up with a story. Right now he had to find Little Red Riding Hood. He caught up to her, and saw her walking toward the Banks, a new area near the ballpark filled with shops, restaurants, and new apartments and condos.
What if she thought he was a stalker? He’d get arrested, and his face would be plastered all over the local paper and TV stations by tonight. Not to mention social media. Better to hang for a sheep than a lamb, as his gramps used to say. He was a risk taker, after all. Since joining the Red Wolves, he had yet to be caught stealing.


12 responses to “Snippet Sunday 11/24/13

  1. It must be tough, living under the constant threat of Instagram! But I hope he does take the chance.

    And whew! Just checked your Pinterest. Our boy is very not bad! 🙂

  2. This excerpt intrigued me. I’m looking forward to more.

  3. I wonder what he’s going to say if he does catch her?

  4. Hasn’t been caught stealing? Or has he been stealing bases?

  5. Great inner mind thoughts. Exactly the way the brain works running all kinds of senerios Well done Nancy!
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

  6. What a fabulous end to a snippet. Definitely intriguing. 🙂

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