Snippet Sunday 1/5

Hey–sorry I’ve been away, but have been having problems–financial, health, and uploading my novella “Tasteless Holidays” to Amazon. So here’s a snippet from it…Scotty and Lorrie Caldwell are newlyweds who both get laid off from their jobs right before the holidays…then Lorrie finds out she’s pregnant…in this scene, she’s on her way to the hospital with Scotty and her brother…

The radar detector in the cab beeped, a sure sign that cops were in the area. If they showed up and asked what the hurry was, Scotty knew he’d blurt out something stupid. After he thought of every idiotic thing he could say, sirens went off—the severe thunderstorm and tornado sirens—not the cops. Jay had his radio on. The announcers gave quick, scary traffic and weather updates. Scotty looked out the window—a big mistake. He saw a huge red maple tree get uprooted, and land in the front yard of an apartment building.


24 responses to “Snippet Sunday 1/5

  1. Karla

    Snippet, really means ‘snippet’! Would like to see more. Freaky happenings in the story. I’ve been driving when a tornado type storm blew in suddenly and a tree was uprooted in front of me. Glad I was going slow…. I can relate to your story!

  2. Thanks, Karla, glad you liked it–it’s kind of a true story that happened to the real Jay Galloway.

  3. Whoa, lots of tension! Not the kind of situation I would want to find myself in. Great job and I sincerely hope the new year brings you lots of good luck!

  4. Wow! That’s one fraught snippet!

    I mean, driving to the hospital is generally tense enough wthout cops and storms.

  5. Wow, this is way scary. Great snippet.

  6. Intense, got my adrenaline pumping…very well done snippet!

  7. Driving to the hospital for what? Is the pregnancy going wrong?

  8. Could be going to the hospital for something as routine as a ultrasound. Probably a good thing he looked out the window just in case they need to get the heck out of the cab. 🙂

  9. Oh, this was so scary. But it’s better to see if the tree is coming at them though.

  10. Good tension! Rough situation when you’re trying to get to the hospital with a tornado around!

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