54 things that make me happy

I took author Anastasia Vitsky’s challenge and am posting my list…let me tell you, this was a real challenge…I didn’t think at this point I’d find anything that made me happy, let alone 54 things…
and these aren’t in any order…
54 things that make me happy
1. The sound and smell of my new printer printing out a page
2. Plaid shirts
3. Cats
4. Angel hair pasta
5. Figuring out a difficult project at work and doing it correctly
6. Frappucino
7. Corny jokes
8. Planning the Greg Appreciation Day parade
9. Winning lottery tickets (especially when the numbers I used were my characters’ birthdays—this only happened once)
10. My fictional world
11. Calls to my mom and dad
12. Greg Appreciation Day
13. Preparing a new recipe
14. Riding in my favorite cab driver’s cab
15. Ice cream/yogurt
16. Watching soap operas
17. Remembering my husband
18. Baseball
19. James Denton
20. Scott Patterson
21. Good advice
22. Victorian homes
23. “Seinfeld” re-runs
24. Being able to pay my bills on time, write the check, and mail them in
25. A good surprise in the mail instead of a bill
26. Sleeping in
27. Snow, unless I have to be in it
28. Pleasant dreams
29. Help from friends
30. E-books
31. Snuggling under the blankets
32. Seeing friends I haven’t seen for a long time
33. Funny stories people tell
34. Going to McDonald’s/Taco Bell/Arby’s
35. Baked potatoes
36. Finding a product I’ve been looking for that I haven’t been able to find
37. Clean laundry
38. Old photos
39. Reading a scene in one of my books and saying “Did I write that?” (sounds conceited, sorry)
40. The Gilmore Girls
41. Belly laughs
42. Funny things my parents and friends say
43. Found money
44. Matzo ball soup (tonight’s dinner)
45. Phone calls from friends
46. Life imitating art (talked to a friend who actually quoted dialogue I’d written and he hadn’t even read the book yet/also I wrote about an abandoned building and made it into a nightclub and now…guess what? It’s a nightclub)
47. Yankee Candle air fresheners
48. Dark chocolate
49. The Cincinnati Red Wolves (fake Cincinnati Reds)
50. My characters
51. “fake” brothers and sisters (wish they could really be my brothers and sisters)
52. Music CDs
53. Audio books
54. A pack of new batteries


2 thoughts on “54 things that make me happy

  1. Hi Nancy! I wondered why I haven’t seen posts for you for such a long time. You disappeared from my follow list! I have gremlins in my WP followers, and quite a few people have been mysteriously unfollowed.

    I love your list! Plaid shirts. 🙂 I like them, too. I pretty much like everything on your list. I love that you are planning the Greg Appreciation Day Parade. I hope that actually happens.

    1. Thanks, Maddie–sorry I disappeared from the list–I’ve been having a run of bad luck so that sounds about right. I fell on the ice twice and yesterday when I did it, Greg had to pull me off the ice so I could get to work. It was very dramatic. So he should get an Appreciation Day Parade just for that. It’s all in our heads, though–LOL! Here’s a sample: We’re getting ready for the 1st Greg Appreciation Day in Cincinnati (and around the world) of 2014 March 31, 2014 Are you [serious]? Scheduled to appear either in the parade or at the festivities: Nancy Goldberg Levine who does not agree or disagree with the R-rated details in Vi LaNance’s book , Marian and Charlie Goldberg, George Segal and the cast of The Goldbergs will appear with the Goldbergs Vi LaNance (Quad R) & Quad X will be passing out advance copies of Vi’s new R-rated book, “Love in Disguise” Martin Gregdale Jay and the new Cincinnatians, Raven Wolf and Brad Harrison Holy Crap, Inc. All Stars Jay “Cab” Galloway, manager The Cincinnati Reds, Bryan Price, new manager The World Champion Cincinnati Red Wolves, including manager Mateo Gervaise & Mascots, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Red Wolf The Cincinnati Ben-girls The Super Bowl Champion Cincinnati Tigers Greg will be inducted in the Cab Drivers Hall of Fame The Appreciation Day Orchestra, Singers and Dancers (Raven Wolf and Jay Galloway will do the Jay Galloway Boogie with the Appreciation Day Dancers) Book of Nancy’s Problems message dated 2/17/2014 4:33:02 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

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