The envelope please…

I will probably not watch the Oscars on Sunday night because I want to go to sleep early so I can go to work on Monday. This year, there are some new categories, and some people definitely deserve an Oscar. As I said last year, you don’t have to wear a designer gown or a tuxedo…jeans and T-shirts are fine. The food will be great if I get paid on Saturday. If not, it will just be okay. There will be plenty of w(h)ine! So without further ado…the award goes to…

Best actor in a dramatic rescue: Greg M.
Perfect attendance: Greg M.
Best Picture: Nutsie Nan’s Day(s) Off
Lifetime Achievement Award for Friendship: Karla R.
Best R-rated Short Story: “Damsel in Disguise” by Vi LaNance
Best actor in a comedy: Greg M.
Best original song: “Dolly” by Jay & the Cincinnatians
Best actress: Nancy L. for her performance on 2/11/14, a date which will live in infamy
Best X-rated film: Quad X’s Xmas
Best live action short film: A Day in the Life of the Cincinnati Red Wolves, Part 2
Best music: Jay & the Cincinnatians
Best sense of humor: Gretchen F. and Greg M.
(honorable mention: Cliff W.)
Producer: (of smiles) Denise B.
Best animal: Hunter Hound
Handiest: Tom F.
Best original screenplay: “Tasteless Holidays” by Nancy G.L.
Best parents and “fake” parents: Marian and Charlie G.
Best costumes: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Red Wolf