Snippet Sunday 3/9–Jay Galloway’s dog

Vi and I are writing a fiction story (probably a novella because it might be too long for a short story) (and it’s not a romance) together that was inspired by my cab driver friend, Greg’s German Shepard passing away earlier in the week, plus stories from my friends and my mom. The working title right now is: “More Than Just a Dog–a tribute to my best friend,” but if anyone has any other title ideas, we’re open to suggestions. We’re also open to suggestions on this snippet. This story is a cross between “My Dog Skip” and an episode of “Gilmore Girls” called “Cinnamon’s Wake.”


“It doesn’t look good, Jay.”
“What’s that?”
I feel the color drain from my face. I stare at our family vet, Dr. Betsy Emerson. I’d been worried about my almost-ten-year-old bulldog, whose name happened to be Bulldog, ever since yesterday. He hadn’t eaten, and when I’d taken him out for walks, he was wobbly and lethargic.
“It’s his heart,” the vet tells me. “We could give him medicine, but that would only give him a few weeks at the most.”
I just stand there, taking in what she’s telling me. Finally, I gather Bulldog up and hold him in my arms. I pay the bill, and then carry him out to my SUV, remembering when he’d first come into my life. I’d gotten him and his brother, Barks, at the same time. They’d grown up together from puppyhood to adulthood. Me and my sister, Lorrie, had loved them unconditionally.

20 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday 3/9–Jay Galloway’s dog

  1. Oh, poor Bulldog—and poor Jay.

    We have a cat who is so old he’s no more than a furry bag of affectionate bones, and has regressed to his kittenhood. It’s going to be tough to let him go…

    1. I hated to kill off one of my favorite animal characters, but I just had the idea for this story and went with it. We had a cat, Boo Boo, who grew up with me. She lived to be 18–thanks for commenting, Sarah.

  2. Such a sad moment. Reminded me of when my cat was dying and the heartbreak of having to put her down. The longer we have pets, the more we grow closer to them. Great snippet!

  3. Thanks for reading, Frank…I’ve been through this several times. The last cat I had, Jackie, passed while I was in the hospital. My parents and friend went over to feed him and he was gone. It’s so hard!

    1. Next time, I’ll give a don’t forget your Kleenex warning. You should have seen the real life Jay’s face when he told me what happened…I walked into work after he dropped me off and I was crying and didn’t have a tissue. Now I’ve stocked up.

  4. I’m so sorry to read that Greg’s German Shepherd passed away. We lost our two old dogs (one a Shepherd) within three weeks of each other, and it was brutal! My heart goes out to Greg.

    It’s nice of you and Vi to write a story. Your snippet is really good. I’m on to read the next part.

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