Tissue alert/Jay Galloway’s dog/Snippet Sunday 3/16

I’m happy to report that the real-life Jay Galloway is a little more chipper. I know it will take him a long time to get over losing his dog, but he’s coping.
Here’s the next 8–and you’ll probably need tissues…

I kiss her and I won’t want to stop even though I hear Barks living up to his name. The dog comes toward me, getting louder and louder. He walks toward the garage.
“What’s up?” I ask Barks. I open the door again and that’s when I find out that Bulldog is gone. My crying starts all over again as Reese enters the garage.
“I can’t believe he’s…” I refuse to say or think the word “dead.” If I don’t, then it’s not true. He’s gone, or he’s lost, y’know? He was my kid and my best friend. I could tell him anything. “I’d better call Lorrie and Scotty.” I take out my cell phone to call my sister and my best friend, but Reese stops me.
“I’ll call them if you want me to,” she says.
I take her hand and squeeze it. It feels like a lifeline to me.

Any feedback wuuld be appreciated. Do we need more detail–we didn’t want too much because we didn’t want to really make readers depressed.
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Nancy and Vi


18 responses to “Tissue alert/Jay Galloway’s dog/Snippet Sunday 3/16

  1. Sheesh, Nancy. Make me cry this morning, why don’t you?

    I’m glad she has such good friends.

  2. Sorry, Sarah–glad I put in the warning. You should have seen me when the real-life Jay told me about his dog. That was intense.

  3. That’s a true friend for ya! Such a sad moment for Jay, but it’s good that it ended with Reese offering to help. Nice snippet!

  4. They just don’t live long enough.

  5. Karla

    They don’t live long enough, for ‘us’. They love you the moment they lay eyes on you and they still love you to the end. We’d don’t realize it, but we are their best friend too.

  6. It’s hard to lose a friend of any kind. Our animals have such a big piece of our hearts.

  7. Those are the worst moments – when you realize a beloved pet is gone. You two are capturing the moment well.

    • Thanks, Maddie–Vi had pets when she was a kid, but doesn’t have any now and I remember finding my cat, Stormy, underneath my computer…she passed away six months after my husband and I think she wanted to be with him. We tried to put all that in the scene–glad it worked. Thanks so much for reading!

  8. I’m not sure which is making me cry more — the snippet or the comments.

  9. Oh no! Where did he go? Why did he go?

  10. Karen Michelle Nutt

    It’s so sad to lose our furry friends. 😦

  11. Agreed, Karen–thanks for stopping by.

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