Snippet Sunday 3/23 Jay’s dog again/tissue alert again

Continuing on with Jay’s story–don’t forget the tissues. We skipped part of Chapter One and here we are at Chapter Two when Jay’s trying to take a shot at the Perfect Attendance record and go to work: (We did some editing to fit this into the line limit)

Nan Moskowitz is my third trip of the day. She’s had a bad year so far and I can sympathize.
“Good morning,” she says, after I greet her.
We talk about the hometown baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Wolves. Suddenly, though, baseball doesn’t seem very important. “Well, this is hard for me to talk about, but I lost Bulldog last night.”
“What?” I pull into the parking lot of Nutsie Nan’s Café. I tell her what happened to my dog. I knew Nan would understand because after her husband had passed away, her cat had died six months later. I give her the information about the service, and she promises to be there. She also reminds me to eat something. I picture her coming out to the cab the next morning with food. Just as I’m wondering who’s going to eat all that food, I hear her say, “Oy veyes mere,” the Yiddish equivalent of “Holy crap!”