A-Z Challenge…C is for…

C is for Charlie Goldberg, my dad, who passed away March 30 at the age of 94. The funeral service for him was yesterday and it was so beautiful.
Here are a few facts about my dad:
He was a great husband and father.
He was a medic in World War II, and liked to tell stories about it.
He worked at GE Credit, and Swallen’s, a department store in Cincinnati that was sort of like Wal-Mart.
He and my mom were married for 64 years.
He was a Pisces.

My book, “Sweeter Than W(h)ine” has characters based on my mom and dad named Stella and Herman Solomon. My never-published book, “Eagle’s Lady,” has characters based on my mom and dad as well–they are the heroine, Ellie’s parents, Charlie and Louise (Lou) Penn. Instead of World War II, Charlie was in the Civil War.
Here’s a scene from “Sweeter Than W(h)ine” featuring Stella and Herman. Dina, the heroine, is in a nursing home for rehab after knee surgery and gets a visit from her parents, but not her favorite cab driver friend, Jay Galloway (sound like anybody we know?):
Her parents walked in. Stella Solomon was a petite woman with salt-and-pepper hair and big brown eyes that were something like Dina’s. Rafe got mad at himself. What was he doing thinking about Dina’s eyes? She was a patient, and a cranky one at that.
“Are you crying?” Herman Solomon asked his daughter. When Dina nodded, he said, “There’s no crying in the nursing home.” Rafe couldn’t believe what Dina’s dad did next. The laid back Herman Solomon, sort of tall with gray hair and brown eyes, laughed at his own joke.
Rafe decided that was his cue to leave, especially when he heard Dina mention He Who Must Not Be Named…again.
Here’s the link for “Sweeter Than W(h)ine”: http://www.amazon.com/Sweeter-Than-W-h-ine-ebook/dp/B00BGO2F66/ref=la_B009RV0N50_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1396492738&sr=1-4

Thanks for reading–that’s it for the letter C.


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