A-Z Challenge for Writers…L is for…”Love in Disguise”

L is for “Love in Disguise,” my alter ego, Vi LaNance’s R-rated contemporary romantic comedy. She contracted with Crimson Frost Publishers, and they’re shooting for a July release. She just looked over the final galley a few days ago, and is getting excited. (I am, too. July is my birthday month. It’s also Jay Galloway, Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny’s, birthday month, as well as the month of the annual 29th birthday of the real-life Jay Galloway).

Vi also sold two more stories in the series, “Damsel in Disguise,” and “Nutsie in Disguise.” She’s working on “Sagittarian in Disguise,” “Geek in Disguise,” and a new story, “The Devil in Disguise,” inspired by a funny conversation I had with the real-life Jay Galloway.

Here’s the blurb for “Love in Disguise”:
Darlene Dover has physical and emotional scars from a burn accident wnen she was in high school, ten years ago. She hides these behind her Little Red Riding Hood Costume as mascot for the hometown baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Wolves.

Sy Bonaventure is known for stealing bases and hearts. When he gets to home plate, Darlene decides to take a chance and kiss the handsome Sy, then run off. The team goes on a road trip, but Sy’s mind is on the lovely mascot. Can he be the one to take her scars away, and release the passion she’s held inside for so long?

And here’s a little of Chapter One: “Let’s go Red Wolves! Let’s go Red Wolves!” The crowd was on their feet at Red Wolves Ballpark. This was what Darlene Dover loved best about playing the part of Little Red Riding Hood. No one knew that inside the costume stood a woman with scars from a fire ten years ago. Nobody would guess that she was terrified of all those fans. She shared their enthusiasm for the home team, but she kept quiet and mugged for the camera.
“Ladies and gentlemen…” the PA announcer spoke. “Pinch running for Jose Morales will be…Sy Bonaventure!”
Hope you’ll check back to see Vi’s updates and go Red Wolves!


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