Passover 2014

2014 has been particularly stressful for me. As I celebrate Passover tonight, I’m not only reminded of my own modern day version of the ten plagues, like the winter that refuses to end, and negative remarks that turn me into a wimp (because I let them, so I’m a “slave” to my own mind), but of my dad, who passed away in March, and all of the Seders he led over the years.

He led almost every Seder at the house on Sunnybrook until about the last four or five years, or if we were invited to someone else’s house. Sometimes he’d rush through (probably to get to my mom’s great Passover meal), and my mom would say he went through it too fast and that the second night, she and I were going to conduct the Seder. We never did until later when the Seder was held at my condo.

Sometimes funny things happened at my dad’s Seders like the cat who sat on the matzo and the person dropping off a photo for me for an article I was working on when it was time to open the door for Elijah. We usually had great desserts, but some weren’t so hot, especially after a certain company that sells Passover goods changed their cake recipe. My dad like the marble cake and fruit slices (I love those, too).

Dad, we miss you and love you! Happy Passover to all!

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