A-Z challenge for writers…N is for…Nutsie Nan

N is for Nutsie Nan…that’s me…it’s also one of my characters, Nan Moskowitz. She appears as a secondary in my e-books and my alter ego, Vi LaNance, decided to give her her own story called “Nutsie in Disguise.”

Nan and I are a lot alike, but there are some differences.
I have a day job working for the government as a clerk. It’s seasonal, which means layoffs. I’m also a writer.
Nan has her own restaurant, Nutsie Nan’s Cafe, plus two bakeries, Tasteless of Cincinnati 1, in St. Bernard, and Tasteless of Cincinnati 2, on the Banks (of the Ohio River). After she opened the restaurant, she was lucky enough to win the lottery. I haven’t won…yet.

We’re both only children, so we have a lot of fake “brothers” and “sisters.” Jay Galloway is her fake brother, and the real life Jay Galloway a/k/a Greg is mine. Her best friend and fake sister is Vanessa (Van) Brown. Mine is Karla.

She was lucky enough to fall in love twice, first with Dave, who passed away, and now with Harry. So far, my husband, Jon, who passed away in 2001, is the only man for me.

We both have “issues” that go back to our childhood. Here’s an excerpt from Vi’s book so you can get a feel for Nan’s personality: In this scene, she’s on a date with Harry and they’ve just seen her ex-boyfriend and an ex-employee, who are now dating:

I was curious to know the worst possible thing anybody had ever said about him. I couldn’t imagine anybody having a discouraging word regarding Harry Marcus. He was cute, he smelled good, and he knew his way around pipes and other manly man things.
“Okay, the worst thing anybody ever said about me was that I was nerdy.”
“Nerdy…” I gazed up into his eyes, wondering how someone could have said that about such a sexy figure of a man. “Nerdy, huh?”
“I guess I come across that way to some people, always talking about fixing things and tools and things like that.”
I guess. “I don’t think you’re nerdy. In fact, what do you say to dinner at my house, and I’ll show you how to get on the boss’s good side?”
“Sounds wonderful,” Harry said. “But I don’t want to put you out. I promised you dinner out.”
“We could have dessert at my house then.” Although I really didn’t care about dessert. Or food, for that matter.
“Good plan.” Harry took my hand, and I felt the electricity that sizzled between us as we touched. I haven’t known this guy very long, but he seems very trustworthy. I wanted to do more than just hold hands. Although I felt daring when I was with him, I didn’t know if I could articulate what I wanted. Would he think I was too forward, or would he like it? I thought of my guilty pleasure TV show, “The Bachelor,” and how the girls who got drunk and wanted to kiss the guy got sent home. On the other hand, I had chocolate pudding and whipped cream and a batch of my mom’s Bourbon Ball muffins, which were as lethal as any love potion, at home. One bite of those and Harry would be putty in my hands. As long as he didn’t fall over from my stench.
What about you? Do you have any characters that are a little (or a lot) like you?

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