A-Z Challenge for writers…O is for…Roy Orbison

This really was a challenge. It was a choice between this or One O’clock Friday. As I started typing the blog for “One O’Clock Friday,” I realized how silly it sounded. It’s kind of a private joke between me and my cab driver friend, Greg, and although the name of my blog is “Laugh with Me,” I didn’t think anybody would get the joke. Besides, Roy Orbison’s birthday is coming up April 23rd.

So…I love Roy Orbison. I love his voice, and his songs…”Only the Lonely,” “In Dreams…” they are da bomb. When I was a kid, I remember I loved the song “Oh, Pretty Woman!” My baby-sitter, Mrs. Price, took me and her kids to White Castle and they had a jukebox. She gave us all some change, and I picked that song to play…about five times.

After I “grew up,” I wrote a historical (that was never published) called “Hero’s Song.” It took place in the fictional town of Mensocket (now Morganville), Maine in the 1880s. The hero, Rory Kaplan, looked and sang like Roy Orbison. He was a half-Irish, half-Jewish tailor who came to Maine from Tennessee. He fell in love with the beautiful innkeeper, Barbara James. They had to overcome the prejudices of certain people in town before they could be together. There was a fun scene which my critique partner at the time was crazy about where Rory was trying to guess Barbara’s measurements since he was a tailor. There’s another scene where Jimmy Morgan (see my A post)https://nancygoldberglevine.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/a-z-challenge-for-writers-a-is-for/
gives an impassioned speech about prejudice and rattlesnake churches in “Alabami,” defending his new friend, Rory.

This sounds pretty good. Maybe someday, I’ll remember it and re-write (this is another book I lost in the fire when my computer got flooded from the water damage) the book.

What about you? Have you had any celebrity crushes and based a character on that person?

7 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge for writers…O is for…Roy Orbison

  1. I absolutely have been known to base my characters on singers, actors and athletes. I often put a photo of them on my desk or listen to their music etc…as I write.

  2. Today I remembered Chris Isaak. From there I moved onto Roy Orbison. It’s been ages. And now this post. Just gotta love the net! Celebrities… most of us only know about them from hearsay. Imagined stuff. A lot of it is ‘bad news.’ I based a character in my manuscript on a homeopath. In the city where I lived then – 1989 in Johannesburg – he was kind of a celebrity. The kind you went to when your hospital doctor had told you that you could not get better, but that he could do things to stretch your life (never mind its quality). Sometimes people healed. I healed. He had the most serene aura, looked like a guru (although he apparently hated that status) but was definitely very worldly and also computer literate. So that is the man I based a character on, the one that the character that is based on me gets to have! *grin*

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