A-Z challenge for writers…Q is for…QVC

Q is for QVC. I used to love it, but I can’t afford cable anymore so I only get to watch it when I visit my mom. Or I can look on-line. I also love Italian Beauty products from HSN.

Some of my characters love “the Q”, too. I tried to write a short story about a fictional shopping channel but it didn’t turn out very well. Here are several excerpts featuring some QVC products…

This is one of my favorite scenes from my short story “Mr. Short, Dark…& Gregarious,” which appears in my short story collection “Three Strikes–You’re in Love.” Jay Galloway is trying to get used to sharing his home with his new bride, her dad, his sister and two dogs and finds some L’Occitane En Provence (not sure about that spelling since I haven’t bought any of this for a long time) soap in the shower…
I took in the fresh scent of the lilac bath and shower gel she used. It had been an adventure getting used to her feminine-scented bath and shower gels, talc and soap in amongst my manly man stuff. When I’m working I get up at the crack of 4 a.m. I’m always bleary-eyed when I take a shower in the morning, so I didn’t pay attention to the kind of soap I used; I just assumed my soap was still in there.
“Who in the hell put this in the shower?” I’d yelled, when I’d emerged from the shower smelling like lilacs.
“I did,” Reese said, batting her baby blues and looking like she was going to cry. “Sorry. Your stuff smells great…on you, but I…”
“That’s okay, honey,” I’d said, reminding myself to take my soap back in there next time I took a shower.
LOL, Jay Galloway!

And this is from “Nutsie in Disguise”…Nan has some self-esteem issues and is trying to appear sexy to handy man Harry…
I walked through my bedroom, making a mental list. I picked up CDs and put them into a pile. Smokin’ hot, I hoped, lingerie, check. I removed my clothes and was down to the hot-pink bustier, garter belt, and black stockings. I slipped into a pink and white floral see-through robe I’d gotten on QVC, that was decorated with fringe. Cologne. I sprayed my favorite scent, Amazing Grace cologne, on and walked back into the living room, hoping for the best.

What about you? Do you have any favorite products you’ve featured in your books?