A-Z Challenge for writers…R is for … reviews

R is for reviews…I’ve gotten good ones, and bad ones (more bad ones than I’d like). I personally love to write reviews, but I’m way behind on my reading so haven’t been writing as many. Some people hate to write them. When I write a review, I try to find something positive to say even if I didn’t like the book because that’s what I want when someone is reviewing mine.

As writers, we need reviews to help sell our books and to get people talking. I love the ones on Amazon because they have the Critical Review vs. the Positive so people can make up their own minds.

I wrote my book, “Tasteless Holidays,” with the readers and reviewers in mind. People didn’t like the hero or heroine so I tried to make them better in the sequel and dedicated my book to the readers.

And I promise, I’ll get back to reading and writing reviews soon.

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