A-Z challenge for writers…S is for…short stories

S is for short stories. I love to write them. I’ve sold more than sixty of them and people seem to like them. I have a short story collection called “Three Strikes–You’re in Love” available on Amazon. What I like about writing short stories is that you have to introduce the hero and heroine and their conflicts in a limited amount of time. Another thing I like is that you can write about spin-off characters from a book, and get readers interested in them, too.

“Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” started as a short story, but I knew Jay and Reese had to have their own book.

The first short story I ever sold, “Sherman’s Law,” started as a book, but there wasn’t enough of a meaty plot for that. I recycled it into a short story.

Here’s an excerpt from the title story of the collection, “Three Strikes — You’re in Love”:

Babe Carter shifted nervously in her seat in the radio broadcast booth at the ballpark where the Cincinnati Red Wolves played. She had been through many interviews, on the radio, television, newspapers and magazines. She knew that guys found her attractive, though she didn’t know why. She still considered herself that tall, gangly teenager who was always reading. L.M. Montgomery, Maud Hart Lovelace…she went back to her childhood for a moment, remembering her book friends, who had never let her down.
Bernie Chapman brought her out of her thought process. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have an author here with us in the broadcast booth. Amanda “Babe” Carter wrote a series of books that takes place right here at the ballpark. Her heroine is the official caterer of the Cincinnati Red Wolves. So, Babe, tell me about your latest book, “’ Kill the Umpire.’”
Babe looked into the sparkling blue-green eyes of Bernie Chapman. He was an ex-pitcher for the Red Wolves, and now a broadcaster. He had straight black hair and was slim with broad shoulders. He had a black mustache. Once again, Babe felt suddenly shy. She took a deep breath, willing herself not to be so timid. Speak up, she told herself. Then she spoke about her book, forgetting as she talked how good-looking Bernie was.


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