A-Z Challenge for writers…T is for (you knew this was coming…) tasteless

T is for Tasteless…as in “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless” and “Tasteless Holidays.”

Tasteless was voted word of the year by me in 2012 and 2013. In 2012, my novella which had a different title at the time, got a tasteless rejection. I re-wrote it and it became…”Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” In 2013, I wrote the sequel, “Tasteless Holidays,” which was just released at the end of March.

Here’s an excerpt from “Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless.” The hero is loosely based on my husband, but looks like Jared Padelecki. The heroine is a little like me and looks like Katie Mixon.
Murphy’s Law certainly applied to weddings, especially in the Galloway family. Lorrie Galloway should have known how the day was going to go when she heard her brother singing “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” in the shower. He had a great voice, but that was the worst British accent impersonation she’d ever heard.
The day just kept getting better, Lorrie thought sarcastically. She saw Reese and the maid of honor, chatting and giggling together and had the feeling they were talking about her. She’d known Reese for a while, though, and she didn’t think her brother’s fiancé would make fun of her. She didn’t know Mallory Gideon, however, and didn’t like what she saw.
Mallory was tall and slender with a crown of perfectly straight black hair that fell down her shoulders. She didn’t have Lorrie’s “virgin ears.” And she had her eye on the best man, her brother’s best friend, Scotty Caldwell. Scotty had no idea Lorrie was alive. She knew that was a cliché, but it was true. Lorrie, Scotty and Jay had been friends since they were kids growing up together in Deer Park. Jay and Scotty looked out for her, but Scotty didn’t realize that she’d had a crush on him since she was fifteen years old.

And here’s an excerpt from “Tasteless Holidays”:

Lorrie Caldwell paced the floor of her kitchen, the family cat, Arielle, pacing with her. She had the feeling that Arielle was more hungry than sympathetic, but she wasn’t giving in until Scotty walked through the door. Of all nights for the love of her life to get home late from work. She had something to tell him, and she wasn’t sure how he’d handle the news. Of course, the news had to arrive two weeks before the holidays. Naturally, fine, barely visible snow had started falling outside. Lorrie liked big, fat snowflakes, not something that looked more like kosher salt.

Tasteless? You decide!

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