A-Z Challenge for writers…U is for United

This was the hardest letter for me so far. University? Unconditional love? I finally ended up with…U is for united…as writers, we’re united. As Indie authors, we’re united.

I’m also united with my mom and my friends, my fake brothers and sisters. Someone asked me the other day what the difference was between fake siblings and real siblings. I wanted to say “du-uhhh” (but I guess that wouldn’t have been very nice). If you’re an only child, you get it (or if you’re one of my fake brothers or sisters–LOL). I love them unconditionally and I hope they love me, too, even if some of them don’t say it. They don’t have to. I know by things they do–by their smiles, by making me laugh when there’s not much to laugh about, by helping me out if they can when I need it, by making me feel like I can do anything, even if they only make me feel that way for a few minutes. (and now I’m starting to cry so I’d better stop before I short out the computer).

And this also reminds me of one of my favorite “Seinfeld” quotes from the finale, when Jerry asks Elaine what she meant when she said “I’ve always loved you…” Elaine says, “I’ve always loved United Airlines.”

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