A-Z Challenge for Writers…V is for… Vi LaNance

V is for Vi LaNance, my alter ego, who writes R-rated romantic comedies. She is the complete opposite of me and gets to do things I can only dream about. She gets to be a stay-at-home writer, no day job. She definitely has a naughty side, and writes from that prospective. She’s rich, so she can have help with cleaning and cooking, and lives in her dream condo. Her beautiful clothes and accessories make people envious. She looks like Lauren Graham from “Gilmore Girls.” (I definitely do not).

This summer (hopefully), Vi’s first R-rated romantic comedy, “Love in Disguise,” will be published by Crimson Frost publishers. Here’s a little bit about the book:

Darlene Dover has physical and emotional scars from a burn accident wnen she was in high school, ten years ago. She hides these behind her Little Red Riding Hood Costume as mascot for the hometown baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Wolves.

Sy Bonaventure is known for stealing bases and hearts. When he gets to home plate, Darlene decides to take a chance and kiss the handsome Sy, then run off. The team goes on a road trip, but Sy’s mind is on the lovely mascot. Can he be the one to take her scars away, and release the passion she’s held inside for so long?

You can also check out Vi’s Pinterest page.

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