A-Z Challenge for writers…W is for…Washington County, Maine

W is for Washington County, Maine…my first-ever romance novel, “Tempting Jonah,” takes place in the fictional town of Mensocket, (now Morganville) Maine, in Washington County. Washington County is the first part of the United States to see the sunrise. They have puffins and rocky beaches and ice storms (my alter ego is working on a story set there that features an ice storm).

They have gorgeous flowers and I can’t remember all the names of them. I know my artist friend, Keith, painted some of them on the “Tempting Jonah” cover. Washington County is famous for pine trees, which are also on the cover.

I’ve also set some of my short stories there and some of them feature the Morgan family like “Hidden Treasures,” which is about Gus and Sarah (Jonah Morgan, hero of “Tempting Jonah’s) aunt and uncle. Aunt Sarah is one of my favorite “Tempting Jonah” secondaries. My husband’s favorite short story of mine was “Lilacs and Limestone” featuring Lynn Harris and Jonah’s uncle, Steve Morgan.

I enjoy taking a trip to Washington County when I’m writing stories or books set there. What about you? What are some of your favorite settings?

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