A-Z Challenge for writers…X is for…Quad X

X is for Quad X…I don’t know quite how to explain this one…it’s an inside joke between me and my friend, Greg. It started with Mr. X and then he decided that one, two and three X wasn’t enough–it had to be Quad X.

Nobody’s really sure what he looks like except maybe my alter ego, Vi. Once again, I think of my favorite comedy, “Seinfeld.” Hmmm…maybe S should have been for “Seinfeld”? Maybe if I do this next year, I’ll have an A-Z of TV shows since I’m kind of a TV person…A is for American Idol, B is for, etc. Quad X makes me think of the lawyer in the cape who helped George’s father and Elaine’s friend. Quad X goes around the city solving people’s problems. So I guess he’s kind of a super hero. Maybe he looks like Clark Kent and changes to Quad X?

I hope this post makes you laugh like it did when Greg started the inside joke.


4 responses to “A-Z Challenge for writers…X is for…Quad X

  1. YOur post definetly made me smile. This was my first a to z challenge and i have all kinds of ideas too for next year. I did not know what to expect. Happy a to z

  2. Quad X is definitely a clever and amusing name. I think it is better than Triple X.

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