A-Z challenge for writers…Y is for… Y’know

Y is for “y’know.” It’s Jay Galloway and my friend, Greg’s, favorite expression. When I had one of my books professionally edited, the editor suggested that I change the spelling to “yano.” I kept it the way it was–the way it sounds, y’know? I even asked other writers how they would spell it and the consesus was “y’know.”

Here are some lines from my books where Jay Galloway says “y’know”:

Mr. Tall, Tan…& Tasteless”:
Oh, boy, Lorrie thought. She knew what came after the y’know. If Jay said something like “I know where that street is, y’know,” all was well. When Jay said “y’know” first, and in a loud tone of voice, look out.

In this chapter, Scotty is trying to sneak onto Lorrie’s screened-in porch so he can lip sync a song to her, but…

Yes! He heard footsteps and lip-synched the words as someone–he thought it was Lorrie, but he couldn’t see–walked onto the porch.
“Y’know, punk, if you’re trying to rob my sister this is a ridiculous way to do it!”
(that’s my favorite line of this book, y’know?)

An excerpt from “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny” when Reese makes chocolate chip cookies, and her dad puts hot sauce into some of them…
“I’ll try one,” Jay said. “They’ve got chocolate chips in them. How bad can they be?”
“You don’t have to…” He’d already taken a big bite of the one of the sauced cookies.
“These aren’t too…” He started coughing, and his face turned as red as the Cincinnati Red Wolves baseball cap he wore. Reese handed him the bottle of soda, trying hard not to laugh.
“Oh, Jay. I’m sorry. I hope this won’t be our last date.”
“It won’t,” he said, after a few more coughs and sips of soda. “I’ve got to meet the guy who tried to burn my tongue with these cookies, y’know?”

Poor Jay! How does he get into these situations? Oh, yeah. I put him there…
What are some of your hero’s/heroine’s favorite expressions?


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