A-Z Challenge…last day…Z is for…zodiac

Z is for Zodiac? Do you know your characters’ birthdays, and their sign of the zodiac?

My real-life husband, Jon, was a Scorpio, and I’m a Cancer. When I based characters on us for my never-published book, “Eagle’s Lady,” I decided that Ellie would be a Cancer, and Jimmy would definitely be a Scorpio, with the stinging temper to match.

When I wrote “Mr. Short, Dark…& Funny,” I decided that Jay Galloway would be a Cancer (because sometimes he’s a crab driver–LOL) (“What’s that?” Jay said. “I’m never crabby!” “Oh, contraire, Jay,” I said. “Sometimes you are. Remember that ‘difference of opinion’ you had with Nutsie Nan?'” “Y’know…”)and Reese Elliott would be a Scorpio.

My alter ego, Vi, is working on a story called “Sagittarian in Disguise.” Her heroine is a Sagittarius, and the hero is a Libra, and likes things balanced. Here’s a sample:

My name is Michaela Brown, and I’m a Sagittarius. We Sagittarians aren’t known for our tact, so I had a fight with my sister, Van. Our big brother Dylan is trying to play the peacemaker. Family means everything to him, and we’re all pretty close. Our parents are in the real estate business, and have lots of rental properties. So my siblings and I each have our own houses near each other, kind of like “Everybody Loves Raymond.” We don’t live on the same street, just the same neighborhood in good old Southern Ohio. By the way, I’m a TV junkie, and I make no apologies for pop culture references.
Dylan and I made a bet that I couldn’t keep my opinions to myself. When Kramer took a vow of silence on “Seinfeld,” he did pretty well. I knew I could do even better than Kramer. No more telling my sister how she should dress or run her business or what I thought of her new geeky boyfriend. I still can’t understand why she got so bent out of shape when I said something about Garrett’s handwriting. How was I supposed to know he was dyslexic? He’s good-looking, and he’s got a great job as an astronomer. He just can’t spell and his handwriting isn’t pretty. He mostly uses the computer anyway, so what difference does it make?
At least she has a boyfriend. I’m minus a significant other right now, and Dylan seems to be of the opinion that it’s because of my big mouth. It isn’t. It’s because the jerk I was dating had a lot of issues. Of course, Dylan doesn’t have a girlfriend right now either. I don’t understand that. It’s my personal belief that my brother is a hunk. If he wasn’t my brother, I’d go out with him.

I guess you get an idea about Michaela’s character.
I love my heroes and heroines from Aries to Pisces.
How about you? What are your favorite Zodiac combinations for your characters?
And this is the end of the challenge!


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