Happy Mothers Day, Mom!

This blog is for my mom, Marian Goldberg. As I think about her, I always picture her with my dad, holding hands as they walked down the driveway. My dad passed away on March 30th and we miss him so much. I know I wrote a lot about my mom in the A-Z Challenge for Writers under the letter M. I love her so much.

As I thought about her, I was trying to think of some of her favorite expressions. Her most favorite one of all is “Fine!” (I used to say that a lot, and I’m thinking about bringing it back). My friend, Keith, and my husband, Jon, used to laugh when I said “Fine!” I don’t think my friend, Greg, has ever heard me say it. So…let me try this out. “It’s all part of the conspiracy, Nancy.” “Fine!”

Other things my mom says are “It will be okay. We’ll make it okay.”

Her prayer when we had Friday night dinners when she and my dad were still in their own home, or when they came to my house was: “We miss you, Jon, and we’ll always love you.” I’ve incorprated that into my prayers and also say that to my dad.

And mom, I will always love you! Happy Mothers Day! I wish I could think of more of your favorite expressions, but for some reason, I’m drawing a blank and my eyes keep filling up with tears.