3200th time’s a charm/Snippet Sunday 6/21

Okay, last time–I’m posting on Nan’s blog instead of mine and we’ll see if that works. This snippet is from “The Devil in Disguise,” an office romantic comedy. This scene is written from the hero’s POV. Hero and heroine–think John Travolta and Susan Lucci. Of course, I stayed up late reading Stacey Ballis’s “Out to Lunch,” and now think I can’t write. Any feedback is appreciated. –Vi LaNance


Frank Finney slipped back into his seat at the table he shared with Norie Lefton and Roxie Arlington. Norie had an unspoken question in her eyes—Did Danni yell at you again? His hatred for their manager was legendary. What they didn’t know was that Frank secretly thought Danni was beautiful. If it hadn’t been for the office’s no-dating policy, he might have asked her out since he’d recently broken up with his latest girlfriend.

            Danni had shoulder-length brown hair and smoldering brown eyes. She dressed in the latest fashion that hugged her curves in all the right places. Her voice was low and unbelievably sexy, even when she yelled at him. Sometimes he came in late just to get a reaction out of her. She was all girly-girl. She even had a pink desk and a pink calculator. Frank smiled to himself as he imagined her pink underwear. He had to remind himself to get to work, but that didn’t stop his fantasies from forming in his thoughts.

            “Frank, I need to see you in the nude.”

            “Yes, boss!”


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